Starting the Year Productively

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One of the many advantages of not drinking alcohol is that I am wide awake and sober on the first day of each year. It is just before 9 a.m. here in North Carolina and I have so far:

  1. Made blueberry muffins to surprise the family when they get up.
  2. Sketched out my lesson schedule for my British Literature and American Literature classes for spring.
  3. Checked email and crypto balances.
  4. Did a round of faucet claims.
  5. Ran the ctp gauntlet.

The rest of the day will involve emailing all my spring classes, finishing another scarf for my etsy shop, and swatching a sample for a pattern I am designing for a retailer.

Next week will be work on videos for virtual classes and updates for my email series.


Sounds like you have gotten a good start to your day! It's 9:15 a.m. where I live, and so far I have had my usual tea-and-diary session, emptied the dishwasher, let the cat in and out a few times, made my bed, and started to catch up on reading Hive posts. Also a good start the the day.

Happy New Year, @fiberfrau! That is a pretty productive morning alright! We don't drink either and didn't even stay up till Midnight. Here's to 2021 being a much better year for everyone.

I can drink to that! (raises cup of coffee)


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Starting the year with blueberry muffins, heavenly! It sounds like a very productive first day of 2021.