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RE: Keep Goal Setting Simple, But Effective.

in #ctp8 months ago

Thanks for a good post and advice about setting goals and keeping them, it works great for some of my goals, not at all for others, and I have tried, for keeping my weight in check for example, but Actifit works very well for that, and when @robwillmann talked about the Not Break The Chain technique I saw that was really what happens here.


At the end of the day, it is about what works for you. If Actifit works for you to keep your weight in check, that's fantastic!

As you say, setting goals and keeping them, works for some of your goals but not at all for others. I think the beauty of goals is the fact that they are not set in stone. It is your goal, and when you find something is not working or maybe even unrealistic, change it. If I understand you correctly, the same in your situation...a certain way of goal setting works for you in certain areas but in other areas, you need to follow a different approach. And that's fine. What is important is to achieve the end result that you want.

Thank you for sharing your experience with your goal setting with us, I appreciate it. It is always interesting and valuable to hear what works for other people and how they do it.

Thanks man, yeah as you say the way with most success in reaching the end result is always the best way to go, keep up your awesome work.


Thank you, Erik.