Update On My SBI Giveaway - It Ends On Friday

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My SBI Giveaway

So I have had this SBI Unit (@steembasicincome) giveaway going for quite some time now, and you can see the details in the footer of this post.

I have now decided to end it, and it will run until Friday December 6, 2019, and just to note it's only the SBI giveaway that will end, not the email lists and ebooks.

Why End It?

So there are 2 major reasons for ending this giveaway.

1. It Needs To Be Limited To Be Effective

So what I have learned having this giveaway is that for it to be effective it also needs to be limited.

When I launched it I limited it at 10 SBI Units, and later expanded that to 20 SBI Units, and then again to unlimited, and as long as I had a limit on it I had lot's of signups taking this offer, but when it became unlimited there was no rush at all.

Therefore any future incentives that I might make for signing up to my lists will all be limited, if it's called for the limit might be increased, but I will always have a limit.

2. The Current Attack On SBI

So the second reason is the current and ongoing attack on SBI, this makes it less attractive to get SBI Units, and it might also open up for a more targeted attack on this campaign.

This attack also had it's first victim, Upvotebuilders Is Closing Down.

Therefore it's not in my best interest or in any subscribers best interest to have SBI Units as a reward, and I will look into other kinds of rewards on future giveaways too if this attack is kept up.

It Ends On Friday

So as I said this SBI Unit giveaway ends on Friday December 6, 2019, and if you want to get any SBI Units from this giveaway then you need to sign up and claim them before it ends.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, and I hope you found it informative, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

Do your own research before investing.

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Sign up for free to my email lists and ebooks, and get 1 SBI Unit for each confirmed subscription, click the banners below. (Note: This offer ends on Friday December 6, 2019.)


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So sorry to hear this man...Hate seeing the negative impact this guy has done on such an amazing project like SBI.

Thanks Jon, yeah it's really sad, though this is for this particular giveaway that I needed to end anyway, but it sure does impact the future, though I am not divesting or anything, keep up your great work.

Good luck in the future with your endeavors. I know your only intent is to help others.

Thanks Chris, yeah this time I needed to end this giveaway anyways, but it will effect future giveaways, I hope it will turn out well, let's see how this develops.

Why surrender to a Polish prick? He is entitled to his opinion, he is not entitled to bully his opinion. Hate is his manifesto. Just ignore him and let him play with something else, if he can find it!

Thanks Ian, yeah let's see how this develops further and what I will do for future giveaways, as to this particular one it needed to end anyways.

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