A Day in the Life of An Online Marketer

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Last night at my webinar I walked through a typical day in my marketing life. This included the following activities:

  1. Checking Facebook/Social Media
  2. Reading my Email
  3. Driving Traffic to my Lead Capture Page
  4. Following up with said leads and new members of my site and even all who logged in a given day or sent mail
  5. Having a focus point of my week then blogging about it and spreading that word to social media and my lists. I have multiple blogs including this one and the blockchain
  6. Staying in tune with networking groups like the ones I'm a part of in Telegram
  7. Doing fun stuff with the family!!!

Here is the recording of the webinar...

Which of these do you do? Reply in the comments and......................

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Thanks Rob! Lots of great information as always!

Appreciate that! Maybe I’ll see you in a live session one day? You are always welcome! Have you had a chance to join tl2ivm?

Yes that would be nice. I have to admit, I'm not the best at managing my time and with 2 small kids...I struggle with trying to get to the webinars I want to. But I will do my best to make next weeks. I appreciate the invite for sure.

Yep, i get that for sure. But hey, that’s what the recording are for, right? Do you have a tl2ivm username? I’ll toss you some ad credits. :)

Great video


Why this one has to be at the last place 😃

Doing fun stuff with the family!!!

Good webinar! Thanks for sharing

Great point! All the others lead there!!

Thank you for what you do to help people to be successful Rob! @ghcamry Your promotion of the Wednesday webinar found me on Saturday. :)

Thanks Ken! We do it every Wednesday night at 8pm est. See you next week?

Great webinar replay and good list of daily activities.

Thanks for that Howard!

You are welcome :)

I recently changed up my daily routine to include a manageable task list, which has been helping me keep more focused. It's amazing how much you get done when you have more of a game plan every day. I used to do this in the past but got away from it for whatever reason.

Now that I reintroduced it in my life, it's helping with both on and offline things. :)

That’s great to hear and I appreciate the comment!

Great show as always Rob, I am working out the details of what I want to do for the 3 month upgrade give away I will be doing very soon, I will let you know before I start it.

Cool. Have some fun with it!