I must make a confession...

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Yes, I was a closest cryptocurrency investor! But no more, I'm coming out!

I have been holding Bitcoin for sometime and use Coinbase to manage my cryptocurrency. I began accepting crypto at Trafficleads2incomeVM using Coinpayments. I dabbled with ZCash, ETH, Litecoin etc. I eventually consolidated all into BTC as it has the potential to go even BIGGER, today it is close to 9000. I acquired a lot when it was in the 7000's.

Jon Olson introduced me to Steem through his Clicktrackprofit company. I have been learning about it thru CTPTalk and Steemit and today was a breakthrough! I purchased my first 3 CTPM tokens and now have full knowledge on how this is all connected and how to skim off profits. So, yes, GAME ON!

I have to decide on the direction of TL2IVM. I know removing Paypal is an option and this could protect assests and enhance my crypto portfolio. What say you? Let me know in the comments and yes, I will upvote them. Thanks to Firepay I can acccept credit cards too. So is the risk worth the reward? Tough decision. I will be getting this out to all my channels and will analyze the feedback. Stay tuned!

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Question back at you. Do you want to keep your PayPal acct?
Wait and get the dreaded we don't do business with sites like yours or keep it and use it for clients who want to use it but maybe in a different way. i.e. invoices etc

Definitely want to keep the account, as I have grandfathered subscriptions. Just saying to remove it as an option for new purchases and subscriptions.

So your question is to remove or not remove PayPal....I have been one of the lucky ones when it comes to PayPal. I have never had an episode with them that has gone wrong for me...BUT I have heard the horror stories. I guess maybe the bigger question is, "Would it hurt you to leave it on?" Are you hoping that removing it would give a gentle nudge towards cryptocurrency? I know for myself, when PayPal left the industry so did I because I was still very set in my ways, I didn't know the vast possibilities of Steem and the blockchain... Could you perhaps do a webinar for all your clients and educate them about a slow move to crypto on the site? Why you are moving in that direction, how it works, etc? What is the percentage of the site that utilizes PayPal? I think removing PayPal altogether without an in depth and educational reason why could be harmful.

Very good comment and thought provoking. So the harm in keeping pp on right now is the horror stories. AKA Freezing my account and then in 180 days taking the balance for "legal fees". Your educational stuff is spot on so with my alliance with CTP all I have to do is point members there. Which reaps additional wins for all involved. Exciting times for an old affiliate marketer like me. :)

Nice to hear about your background in crypto @ghcamry, and well done investing in CTPM, and as to PayPal the future is crypto and as others have pointed out, the problems that they have given to affiliate marketers as well as the risk of them shutting you out at any moment then it's a given to phase them out, but do it step by step, I suggest first to do your research with your members, then talk to them about it, after that take down PayPal as an option for new payments and subscriptions, and then phase out the rest step by step, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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All that stuff is really cool. And yes, I believe that using it instead of Paypal for taking payments is a good idea. I had my Paypal account shut off for a short time last summer. I ended up getting their attention through Twitter and they helped me get it opened up again. I only had a small amount sitting there but it was just the idea that they can do that sort of thing that is upsetting. They have so much power because they were the only game in town for a long time. I have a sense they are going to start losing that power. Not sure how soon but maybe the more of us who adopt taking crypto the more we can take the power back.

Well you know my opinion.....lol

PayPal is the work of Satan and pure evil.

But then again I'm very biased as they ruined my life lol And I've been rebuilding ever since....Fire-Pay rising from the ashes ;)

Need you to step back, breathe, and see my perspective. :) Pp is my top payment processor right now, but i’m peering into the future right now.

The future will be very interesting indeed!! thx for this information! Upvote ofcause! Success!