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I'm getting there!

Hello Again!

Above is a screen shot from my Trafficleads2incomeVM Mastery at ClickTrackProfit. First however, a funny story...

So this was to be my topic for last night's webinar, which we do on our Facebook Page as a LIVE. Well, the feedback I was getting from the participants was that my audio was breaking up. Now, I have utilized the same set up for months using my Ipad, so what could be the problem? The only thing I'm thinking is it could have something to do with my new Ipad cover. Maybe it was blocking the mic somehow? Not sure. I know for a while I was taking the old cover off prior to the webinars. So, we'll see how things shake out next week.

I decided to abort the LIVE mission and move over to my conference room. Everyone came back and then some. So good, right? I set the recording, and was all excited to be able to record the screen share. It was fabulous! So I asked the team, hey, did anyone see my screen? The unanimous decision was NO, so I figured they could catch it in the recording. Then, I had one of those Oh Sh%$ moments. I had forgot to set screen share prior to hitting record. So, what did I end up with? Well, a white screen with me in a little box in the upper left corner, lol. Fear not, the screens were not that exciting. Primarily, the one above was locked in most of the time.

So now, allow me to present the Mastery Course for Trafficleads2incomeVM at ClickTrackProfit.

Click HERE for the 9/9/20 Webinar Recording

Let me know what you think in the comments, and where you are in the process. Screen shots are welcome! Oh, and congrats to Russell Stockley for winning 320 CTP tokens in our training. It definitely pays to attend our webinars. :)

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Well the information is all there and that's what really matters. You can follow along in the video with the pic in this post and you will see everything you go over on the mastery.

Thanks Mike and congrats on being one of only 2 people to complete this mastery!

cool! Time zone differences prevent me from attending webinars as I'm at work then. 😁😁

Congrats on being featured on ctptalk wheel of engagement 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Thanks for that! No worries if you can’t attend live, catching the recording is good too.

Good content and sharing of the mistakes made and what you learned and grew from it. I am so close to completing the mastery only thing left is getting to 100 referalls.

Thanks Howard! You can do it!

LOL! I think we have all gone through those "Oh No" moments in our journey. Sometimes, we just have to go with the flow & the fact you were able to laugh about it is a good thing. As @maddogmike says, the information is still there regardless. So, at least not all was lost! ;)

Thanks Jenn! Yeah, it worked out ok and allowed me to put a funny spin on things too! We’ll see what next week brings!


I have not done much more then sign and complete my profile. I did join the telegram group and have read 50 emails. I barely have time for ctp and hive so I don't think I'll be upgrading or anything else for a while. There's just not enough time in the day.

Yep, ultimately you have to pick your focus points. Keep moving forward!

Thanks for sharing you going beyond the mistakes and getting things done. Keep on keeping on Rob, a lot of people are benefiting from all that you do.

Appreciate the kind words Ken!