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Wednesday Night Online Marketing Mastery!

On Wednesday Night, 9/16 we brought our webinar back to our online conference room. The turnout, as expected, spiked! I believe we've found the best formula for now for our webinars.

One of the takeaway, as you will see below, is that Affiliate/Online Marketers choose to not network for some reason. I would like to actually know why they leave so much money on the table??? I have my theories, but I'll let you give yours first in the comments. Those that don't, I place in a special Category called the Networking Affiliate/Online Marketer. Sure, they love their email series just as much as anyone else. But to them, it is just one vehicle for engaging a prospect. The networker strives to use EVERY resource available to connect with a prospects and convey the same information as they email. Unlike an email, a live human being can ask a question and pivot to another matter that is vital and necessary to THIS INDIVIDUAL. These are people, not numbers, make your interactions count! (Now, off the soap box for a bit.)

We also reviewed the getting started details of Trafficleads2incomeVM and how some choose only the viral mailer option while others are looking for actual training on how to market their business. Those in the latter group follow our MMS and 7 Steps of Success process. We offer a complete marketing funnel and the traffic do build your list and earn you an income.

Watch the presentation below, and let me know in the comments which category you fall under. Oh, and if we get 30 in the room next week I'll give a way a 3 Month Top Level MSF500 Upgrade. Check out what you get with that (except the paid traffic co op shares) HERE.

Click HERE for the Presentation from Wednesday 9/16/20 

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I will check the link once I will get some time.....

Which link in particular caught your fancy?

Presentation from Wednesday 9/16/20

Some time I will manage to be home during a broadcast.

Hey, I appreciate you catching the recordings!

In my case, my biggest focus is my email list and I'm more of an "occasional" networker! However, I believe that one-to-one engagement is very important so I respond directly when people contact by email or by commenting on one of my blog posts.

Thanks David! People are pulled a lot nowsdays, so when you do engage it sets you apart from most.

Hey Rob! I hope I can find the time to get back to this. I know that it is right on. I will play the replay in the background as I do some other things on my regular routine. Yep my regular routine is working but does not leave a lot of spare time. Especially when I work offline a lot. Keep on keeping on and I will try and make another Wednesday evening Presentation soon.

Thanks Ken. I appreciate your support!

Lots of great information last Wednesday night as always. I know I need to engage more in general but on the other side of marketing I do with a silver business I get phone numbers after they fill out a survey and I do contact the ones the give a real number.

Great Mike! I believe the engagement strategy works with ALL business and complements affiliate marketing.

I am an Affiliate Marketer 99% of the time. If someone happens to reply to one of my emails with a question I will, of course, reply and try to help them out that way.

Thanks for weighing in Lisa