The Case for Online Marketing Engagement

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Last night at my webinar I talked extensively about integrating engagement into all aspects of your marketing funnel. Here are the key points to consider:

  1. Your Lead Capture Page - Let's add a phone field so we can connect with those who do not receive, read, or care about email. If we say quality versus quantity when it comes to single versus double opt in; then would that argument not apply to adding an engagement field as well?
  2. Your Thank you/Landing Page - Most affiliate marketers seem to settle for the auto responder default page here. Why? Again, let's be proactive and get things like a signup link, group link, appointment calendar, etc. on this very important page. Otherwise, what you are saying here is if my prospect does not confirm their email address it is marketing end game here. I say no!
  3. Your Emails - Try more engaging subject lines. Go with shorter ad copy. Ask for free actions like Liking Something, Commenting on Something, A Free Signup, Reply Back, Join my Group, etc. I'm changing the 80/20 rule to 100/0. Do no selling from your emails! You are your best sales tool!!!

Here is the replay from the webinar:

So, are you happy where you are at in your marketing? Perhaps you have a big list but no sales. Let's fix that. Book a FREE consultation with me HERE.

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very good pointers! 😉👍🏼

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Excelent post and video Rob @ghcamry! So many great tips on developing that all important relationship with those who make it down through the funnel. :)

Great post with lots of very good advice. Thanks

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Great tips, Rob. Sorry I couldn't make the live show last night. Is the replay up on still?

Much appreciated! The replay should be part of this article.

Oh my goodness duh. I don't know why I thought that was just an image. Apparently I wasn't awake when I wrote that....thank you :)

It was a great show...a lot of good information. I will be referring back to this periodically to make sure I stay on track.

Great blog post and great topic and video recording of webinar glad it is recorded so i can see them when I cant attend

Great tips, Rob! I am good with 2 out of 3. I am not a get on the phone person. Even when I did get people to sign up with phone numbers and I texted them they rarely responded. Or if I set up a time to call they wouldn't answer. So, the whole phone thing is not my cup of tea.

Thanks Lisa! What if they eagerly booked an appointment with you?

Great tips there Rob, building engagement with your list is very important, that way you build you brand and the Know, Like and Trust that you need, your brand builds you list, and your list builds your brand, and you do need to brand yourself all the way, keep up your great work.

Thank you for the recordings and tips! Engagement is the key and it's nice to see all the people engaging with each other!

Good ideas @ghcamry now to see who takes action. The only things that I have a problem with is giving my phone number out but everything I am on board with

Thanks Bonnie! Perhaps consider a line just for business.

Great tips as always Rob! Been missing your webinars..either fall asleep on my desk or I have my own videos to create ahaha
Will watch the replay later :)
Thanks for sharing!

So true! Engagement is so important in your business & with your community. This personalizes everything & can make all the difference in the world. People will know you actually care & they're not just a number or statistic.

Great post, Rob! This is an important concept for any business owner to grasp. :)

Hi Rob,

I totally agree with your second point, create your own landing page. A large percentage of my personal EliteDownlineBuilder referrals come from the Thank You page for my Beginners' Crypto Course.

Your third point is interesting. I think 100/0 could work well for marketers who are as fully engaged as you are. For large chunks of the year my own campaigns run more passively so I will stick with 80/20 for now.

As for the first point, about the telephone field, I feel that every extra field increases "friction" - note @aslehansen's comment below. Again, it depends what you are after as a marketer. I do not use telephone marketing, but of course, if you do, then adding a telephone field will build in more friction, attract fewer but better targeted referrals. In short, "friction" can serve as a positive component of your opt-in strategy.

All the best,


A small comment on point 1 about phone number.
I usually does not sign up if phone number is required, if it is optional I will sign up if I am interested.
But you have a lot of good advice.
Congrats on being featured by @russellstokley.

Ah, that explains all the comments! Thanks @russellstokley !
Yes, good point Asle on optionality of field. Definitely recommended to be optional or they can be directed to put a 5 in or something.

Great webinar Rob hope one can listen i
You done great job and you expose right things up-those are my
Getting leads is one thing,getting them to do action is big mistery to
For example i got leads from coop and that is 35 leads-but no actions.

But if they wouldnt be action takers they wouldnt verify Autoresponder?

Love your webinar,shared on social media.

Sorry for the late reply. I did not click to bring up your whole comment therefore I missed the question. True, double opt in does sift and sort. It's a numbers game but those that confirm on a site or AR are the ones to focus on. Don't give up on the others however. Thanks for your kind words!

TY for taking time Rob 😀

My pleasure!

Thanks for the tips.

You got it Chris! Every wednesday at 8pm est. See you at a live show! :)

Great show as always Rob, lots of good tips on engagement and following up.