Taxi Cab Hits Top Monthly Winners Aug 2020

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1st #226 Irina Vardaeva $0.50
2nd #390 MariaNoemi Tan $0.40

3rd #363 Eleanor Untalan $0.30
4th 378 Asy Darakchieva $0.20

5th #241 Olexandr Zhelizny $0.10
6th #103 Joseantonio Morenofernandez $0.05

7th #327 Andrei Lenuta $0.05
8th #262 Andy N $0.05

9th #16 Ken Wolff $0.05
10th #374 Neetu Mehta $0.05

I would like to Thank Everyone for surfing Last Month and Helping Taxi Cab Hits To grow even more each month as we Keep adding more Events and Things as we Get Bigger each and Every Month.

Don't forget that I surf like many of you to Build my Credits for what I am promoting I also look for My Members that are Promoting Taxi Cab Hits and Reward them for doing so.

If You are Not a Member of Taxi Cab Hits, Click on the Banner Below I am also looking to Help My Members Grow their Downlines as well.

This Banner is to help the Top Surfer for Aug 2020 (Irina Vardaeva) Get some Referral Under Them.

Please feel free to say Congrats to all of our Last Months Top Surfers.

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Aaron Green
Skype: greensempire
Telegram: greensempire


now i know why credits run out. way to and congrats on all winners. I really don't have means for such a event .

Thanks for the Comment Cheryl, You will be able to do Events just got to think out side the box sometimes.

You have paid for them . don't you right