Hive tag that i like (and sometimes even use)

in #ctplast month

First, i will tell you what do i tend to use, and then i will speak a bit about each one, if I know about it.

For Splinterlands and other blockchain games, i use:

spt battle opgaming neoxian hivegc (and depending on the subject either leofinance for financial aspects, or ctp to promote the link)

For crypto and financial posts, i use:

leofinance ctp neoxian palnet ( and aeneas or archon, depending on the subject) with some new candidates like hodl and hustler

For health and biochemistry, i use:

stem aeneas posh archon palnet (or ctp or leofinance it there is any connexion with it)

Now, let's see about each tag, what they are used for:

leofinance - i used for financial posts, especially related to crypto

stem - STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)

spt - Splinterlands game related posts

ctp - affiliate marketing (real life or online)

hivegc - hive gaming related posts (anything like cryptobrewmaster, splinterlands, exode, risingstar and dcity goes here)

neoxian, battle and opgaming - games related content (Neoxian is a tribe related to splinterlands)

hodl - crypto social community

posh - links to centralized social media to make people aware of Hive

palnet - has a good system but still needs work on the use of the token, mainly'helping the little guy' to quote them

archon - seems interesting as concept, but it is not defined, all kind or articles can go, i think.

aeneas - general use

hustler - side hustle and crypto

Yours truly



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Yes, tags are still something I'm trying to figure out. I think they're pretty important as far as when you post things but I haven't quite decided the best ones to use. Thanks for putting your insight out there.

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I am still learning about them also. He he!