#3StepsNoExcuses Day 20: An "Authentic" Look At My Listnerd Email Stats and Other Stuff...

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Step 1 CTP: The 4 Types of Marketer

Today we were invited to consider what kind of marketer we are, out of these four "types":

  1. Grumpy Gus

  2. Cautious Cathy

  3. The Slot Machine Marketer

  4. Future Frank

This morning I was a bit of a Grumpy Gus as I told my story about how a certain program owner insisted on sending my commission in the form of a useless US dollar cheque by snail mail all the way over to Japan where, hello, dollars are NOT the local currency, and this is not the 1980s!

Here's how I told the story to the CTP Telegram group:


Okay, on a more positive note, here is an infographic that clearly describes the four types of marketer:

Which one are you at the moment?

Step 2 Listnerds: Blog About Your Listnerds Experience

Okay, nice and easy. So far during the #3StepsNoExcuses challenge I have sent out four emails on Listnerds. All four have aimed to "pull" people over to my https://thousandamonth.com blog to promote the recent release of my co-authored book, A Thousand A Month.

I modified the main body of the email by shortening it a little, adding bullet points and making sure the first of two links was above the fold, but it has been essentially the same message going out each time.

However, I have changed the subject line on each of the four mailings, and the response rate has gradually declined:


I think a declining open rate is to be expected, although it is a bit of a puzzle as to why fewer people would click the link on opening the email when by doing so they will earn credits towards their own mailing campaign.

One possibility is that Listnerds does not emphasize the credit-earning aspect as much as some other credit-mailers. Sure, you can check how many credits you have earned, but there is no message telling you you have earned X number of credits for your click as there is on many other mailers.

Anyway, I think it would be a good time to switch over to a list-building campaign. My next mailing is tomorrow so I will begin a new campaign to promote my Beginners Crypto Course.

Curious? Check it out here: https://lllpg.com/mhpz6yzd/ctptalk3s20

Step 3 Plus1Success: Be Authentic

In today's video Jon made an interesting distinction between being "you" and the oft heard concept of "faking it till you make it," with the emphasis being on us presenting ourselves to our audience in the raw.

I can best approach this by telling a story about an interaction I had with a leading Canadian business coach. He thought I ought to drop any references to my being an English teacher because the image of "being a teacher" did not fit well with my goal of being a successful "online entrepreneur."

Bear in mind that my mentor is a highly successful businessman and you can see where he is coming from. In that sense, it was not bad advise per se, and I tried to follow it for a while by suppressing any references to what else I do when not working on my business...

However, it didn't feel right for me, partly I guess because I love my work as a teacher and am not trying to make a living online so I can quit a J.O.B that I loathe.

Since joining the CTP community I have become more and more open in my online business chatter about those other aspects of my life: the English teacher, the chess player, the boozer, the idler, the academic, the mystic, the mod, the punk... the poet, and I wot not what else, while singing that good old line from Quadraphenia:

"Can you see the real me...?"


David Hurley


Another beastmode 3 Steps No Excuses post @hirohurl. Really dig your structure and easy to follow presentation style. If folks are not clear about the impact 3SNE can be for someone who is struggling to get this affiliate marketing thing down pat, they should be following you for sure.

Thanks, @jimmy.adames - initiatives such as the 3Steps make a big difference. We already have a strong network in the CTP community, but when a bunch of us commits to something like this, it moves it into a new dimension of awesomeness!

No doubt @hirohurl, hope you have had a great day brother.