#Just1Thing - Crypto Futures Trading Progress Report & Finding Luke On Lime Hits 4U

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My Progress Trading Crypto Futures From Scratch

As some of my readers know, I'm trying to build up a trading account with zero out-of-pocket investment by mining and trading crypto futures contracts on Stormgain.com.

However, I haven't said much about it recently, and when people go quiet about something they've been trumpeting about, it often means the thing has gone pear-shaped...

My account has crashed to zero several times, and each time I've learnt from the mistakes and tweaked and improved my "rules of engagement" and how I set up my trades. This time, I have grown my account back from a low of around $26 to $138.

I mention this today because I had a $10 (x 10 leveraged) trade that was in the red for a day or so, and was a couple of dollars in the red when I fell asleep last night.

I'd opened the trade when Bitcoin was trending up and had hit a recent high of around $58,000 (if I remember correctly). Shortly after I opened the trade, the price fell away, and during the night it dropped all the way down to the mid 55k mark. That triggered two or three "auto invest" signals and my trade was raised from $10 to $50.62. As each auto invest is triggered, it brings down the average buy-in price of my total trade, so if and when the market turns positive again it takes less time for my trade to turn a profit.

In short, when I checked my trade this morning, it had risen high enough to trigger the "take profits" signal and closed out $2.8987 in the black. I then made a quick and easy $1.18 on two trades to increase my profit fot the day to around $4 which is not too bad at all on a $134 account!

Screenshot 2021-05-11 11.18.00 PM.png

Right now, I have another trade that is a couple of dollars in the red with Bitcoin back in the $55k range, so it will be interesting to see if the trade is robust to withstand any sharp drops and bring home the bacon for me.

My next goal is to grow the account to $200 and then take $50 in profits, and head for the next target of $400 before taking another $100 in profits.

In the summer I hope to finish writing an ebook about my experience and set up an email training course...

But that is a business project for the future... What about today's #just1thing ??

Well, before I talk about that, here's a quick overview of my day:

A Day in the Life of a College "Sensei" Part 1: Don't Laugh At My Dad Jokes!

During the day I was out teaching college students. My first class was a rather elementary level "public speaking" class. Today we were preparing speeches, but the pace was very slow. During the class I got chatting to one group of students and ended up trying to tell them some "dad jokes" - are you reading this @robwillmann ??!!

I taught them the "no laughing" rule - that is, when you hear the joke, you must keep a straight face. Laughers are losers!

However, a typical dad joke is very difficult for elementary students to understand, but the one that worked best and made the girl I told it to laugh out loud (and "lose") was:

"Which bear is the most stupid?"

"A pan-duh!"

Boom boom!

A Day in the Life of a College "Sensei" Part 2: How Gulliver Put Out The Fire

After lunch I gave an English Literature class on "The Englightenment, Daniel Defoe and Jonathan Swift."

One of the reading exercises was to read an extract from Gulliver's Travels in which Gulliver puts out a fire at the palace by >ahem< "voiding" a belly full of wine which the heat of the fire had "made to operate by urine."

I asked the students, not the brightest sparks that infest our colleges, to explain in plain English how Gulliver had put out the fire. The one who came the closest thought that he had perhaps vomited over it!

Much Inclined To Sleep

On returning home I began to study chess to get through my "Daily Highlight," but like Gulliver on the beach, "I found myself much inclined to sleep" and did so for almost two hours.

When I awoke, it being a Tuesday, I had to get on and cook dinner for myself and the missus (who, by the way, had her first vaccination today!).

After dinner, I completed my chess studies and finally got around to doing my #just1thing for the day...

I Finally Get Around To Doing #Just1Thing

I did not have much energy left in the tank for anything creative so I decided to go and search for Luke and surf for credits on Trafficg and TrafficAdBar at the same time.

The Scavanger Hunt began with LimeHits4U today. I was not a member, so I registered and surfed 65 sites to find Luke. I also surfed 45 sites on Trafficg and 52 sites on TrafficAdBar.

All the credits I earned on LimeHits4U and Trafficg were applied to my Beginners Crypto Course opt in page.

Speaking of which, I had another subscriber opt in to the course this evening.

And that is that for another day!


David Hurley



Wonderful! Dad jokes for the win! The more deadpan the better. I've heard the panduh one before. I go to Reddit's r/dadjokes each day. Some good ones on there.

Few of my students are proficient enough to get most Dad jokes. My repertoire of in-class jokes relies heavily on some kind of English-Japanese wordplay switch instead.