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During the first half of the week I teach at a vocational college in Hiroshima. I'm happy to say that the college is open for business as usual and has not switched to online teaching.

Indeed, so far during the pandemic we have only had two weeks of "online teaching" and swiftly brought the students back into class and quickly adapted to wearing face masks, keeping our hands clean and the windows open.

I hadn't seen the students for about 12 days as last week the college was shut for the Golden Week holidays, so I was happy to see all them all again.

I got back home around 2pm, had a late lunch and snoozed and read a book until the evening.

Then I spent an hour or two working on my online business. The most creative thing I did was to write a new email message for my "Beginners Crypto Course". That is my #just1thing for the day! It marked a change of direction in the course as it directed the subscribers to a program review on my Top5Programs blog.

The review is an in-depth look at the "funded proposal" program know as the Prosperity Marketing System. I've been a member of the program since 2009, but for a few years I stopped working with it.

Then, in 2019, I checked it out again and discovered that the program owner had made some improvements to the compensation plan and introduced the option of receiving commissions in Bitcoin...

So I took up the program again because it is a very well designed system and offers 100% commissions that you can now opt to have paid straight into your Bitcoin wallet. What's not to like about that?

Anyway, here is the review I posted on my blog:


After that, I thought I ought to make a bit more effort to promote the course and remembered that, as an upgraded member of the Prosperity Marketing System, I was able to email my complete downline through several generations. It amounts to over 900 members now, and shortly after I sent an email to my downline I had two new subscribers on my list.

Then I sent a safelist email out to the subscribers of YourViralMailer, and also to TopTierTraffic.

After that, I got my "Daily Highlight" done - yes, yet again, 60 minutes of chess study!

And that's it for today!

Cheers for now.

David Hurley


P. S. My free Beginner's Crypto Course is available at



Great work building your list David, and that you keep developing it, keep it up.

Made in Canva

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