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RE: Even being away-ish, it keeps growing!

in #ctplast month

Hi @elianaicgomes - looks like the "time zone difference" punished you last Saturday! On the other hand, those days when you post over 30 comments are pretty impressive!

I love how we can continue to move forward during busy times simply by upvoting and posting a few comments as well as the passive earnings that the Hive blockchain delivers. We don't have to be content-producing superheroes all the time to stay "in the mind" (if not "top of mind") of our network, just as long as we show up and do a little bit each day.


One more thing - thanks for posting the link to hivelayers-stats. I didn't know about it before, so I just checked my posting and commenting stats. Bookmarked!

Thank you for your comments! It is a very handy tool, or tools because you can check your income tokens dividends and your token investments as well, meaning if the token you invested you already break even with the investment or if you are already in profit. Where it says Community you can change to those tools :)


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.