Using Affiliate Programs To "Dollar-Cost-Average" Your Way Into Bitcoin

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As I write this, Bitcoin is hovering just under the $50,000 mark having fallen away from a new all-time-high of around $62,000 just a few days ago. Yet, back in December 2020 we'd all've been jumping up and down with excitement to think that Bitcoin to CLIMB all the way to $50,000 (let alone $62.000) in a few short months... Bitcoin is nothing if not volatile!

For anybody who wants to buy Bitcoin, it can be difficult to know when the best time would be. In the last month lots of people have lost lots of mula buying into the bubble. Well, they've only "lost" if they panic-sold... but that's another story.

Use Dollar Cost Averaging To Smooth Away Volatility

One way to deal with volatility is to break up your lump sum into several smaller quantities and spread your purchases over several months. Another approach would be to buy a small amount of Bitcoin every month. Either way, if your base currency is the US dollar, the process is called "dollar cost averaging" (in the UK it is called "pound cost averaging").

When prices are high you get fewer satoshi, when they are low, you get more. In the process you smooth out the volatility of the asset and avoid the risk of "putting all your eggs into one basket" when the market is at its "peak"! (I love mixed metaphors!)

How To Get Bitcoin Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket!

But what if you're like me and (1) want to accumulate Bitcoin but (2) don't want to risk any of your hard earned cash to get hold of it?

Well, there are plenty of free ways to accumulate satoshi as I explain in my Free Bitcoin Training Course but today I want to talk about how to use affiliate programs to "dollar-cost-average" your way into Bitcoin.

The first thing to do is to find good quality programs that offer to pay commissions in Bitcoin. These should be legitimate programs that have stood the test of time and that offer products and services that your network, or target market, could benefit from using. Ideally, they should be products and services that YOU also use and can recommend. Finally, they should be evergreen services that people subscribe to and pay for month in and month out so that you can build streams of passive income.

Next, you will need to work hard to promote those programs and build up your passive income to the point where you make a clear profit every month. I'd suggest a minimum target of $100 profit per program per month.

Once you have hit your profit target, you can start funnelling your monthly commissions into your Bitcoin wallet. In doing so, you will be using your affiliate programs to "dollar-cost-average" your way into Bitcoin with no out-of-pocket expense. (At the same time, you will be enjoying the services the programs provide completely free of charge.)

Which programs do I use to "dollar-cost-average" my way into Bitcoin?

At present I use one program for this purpose, and from next month another will come on stream for me:

1. Prosperity Marketing System

This is a highly customizable $12 a month "funded proposal" program that enables you to funnel referrals into multiple programs. It pays 100% commissions in Bitcoin straight into your Bitcoin wallet every month. You will be in profit with just two upgraded referrals.

I have been quietly using the Prosperity Marketing System to "dollar-cost-average" my way into Bitcoin for a couple of years now! (Yes, I started doing this way back when Bitcoin was just below $5,000, not $50,000 as it is today!)

Oh, and I'm the dude whose testimonial has been on the homepage for the last decade or so!

2. SFI Announces New Bitcoin Payments Option

This is breaking news! The SFI affiliate program has just started offering Bitcoin as a commission payment option!

As SFI is one of my "Top 5 Programs" I will be using it to "dollar-cost-average" my way into Bitcoin from now on.

All you need to do is to set up an account with Bitpay, which I did today. The verification process is very straightforward.

Once you've done that you can start receiving SFI commissions straight into your Bitcoin wallet.

In addition, SFI will soon allow affiliates once again to cash in their Rewardical tokens for Bitcoin.

Cashing in my Rewardicals for Bitcoin used to be another way I could "dollar cost average" my way into Bitcoin about once a quarter, so I'm glad to see that this option is coming back.

I blogged about SFI's Bitcoin news over on my Top5Programs blog @

Do you use any programs to "dollar-cost-average" your way into Bitcoin? Which ones? Let me know in the comments, below!


David Hurley