Learning CTP with Howard Fullmer what is Content Marketing? part 8 Land Mines!

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Hello Howard Fullmer back and today I am learing about The Affiliate Landmine.

This is how this works you put your affiliate link everywhere you can online. And maybe not today or next month someone will step on your affiliate landmine!

So instead of a affiliate link how about a piece of content that you create! linked to a lead capture page/lead magnet</strong

Now you are sticking your brand and lead capture pages om.
1. Facebook
2. on twitter
3. on ctptalk.com
4. on Instagram
5. on Pinterest
6. on YouTube
Remember! If you do this consistently, over time. People will eventially step on your Landmine!

Thank you for viewing my post

Howard Fullmer @howyf2

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That lesson is one of my favorites.

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I like this lesson too

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You have alot of mines out there Howard and I bet there have been a few who heard a bang. Keep perfecting your craft and let me know how your new co op page is coming. :)

I'm hoping to be done with that page very soon

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Its a "BOOM" and it works!! Even with a BANG!

Bada boom bada bang lol

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