Learning CTP with Howard Fullmer what is ctptalk.com? part 1

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Hello Howard Fullmer back and today I am learing about ctptalk.com.

The future is here we are all here on the steem blockchain. This powerful blockchain runs hundreds of social media applications and we have one here on click track profit. It is called ctptalk.com. A blogging platform and social media hub! And you are rewarded not only for creating content on your own blog. you are rewarded for also liking and commenting on others.

You are rewarded in ctp tokens which are tradeable 24/7/365 on the steem-engine.com platform. This is real currancy that can be traded for USD!

Your going to need a steem account to join which if your reading this you allready have one. Just log in with you steem user name and posting key. Post and earn1

Thank you for viewing my post

Howard Fullmer @howyf2

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Is the idea to convert ctp to steem or accumulate it? I’m having trouble distinguishing the two. I thought we were to focus in ctp and let steemit sort of catch what it can.

Tho whole idea here Rob is to build your brand and get paid while doing so and build your stake in CTP to earn even more, and also use some of those earnings to fund your affiliate marketing journey.

As to Steem, CTPtalk is hosted on the Steem blockchain, and you get rewarded in Steem too, and everything is posted on the Steem blockchain, you need about 50 Steem Power to cover what you need for Resource Credits, which you need to transact on the blockchain, which includes everything you do on it.

Then you can also keep increasing your stake in Steem to be able to do higher upvotes in Steem and earn more curation rewards, and it also gets you more influence on the blockchain, plus having a higher stake and using it also gets you noticed by others with a high stake, and you get higher upvotes in Steem on your own posts.

So keep on posting, commenting and upvoting, and then power up your Steem rewards to accumulate more over time.

You can also lease Steem Power through Dlease.io and get more leverage, I have leased ove 8000 Steem Power myself, and with my Voting Power at 100% and if the post has a total payout of 20 Steem or more then my full upvote is worth over $0.10 in Steem, and I also earn more than 1 Steem each day just by upvoting.

Keep up your awesome work.

Thanks for the detailed explanation there. I'm thinking about buying a CTPM. Everyone seems to think that is a good thing. Agree?

Thanks Rob, yeah CTPM are great to have, I got 71 of them right now and I plan to keep increasing that as I go, just note that you need to stake them otherwise they won't mine CTP tokens, stay awesome.

I think @flaxz summed it up it is a little confusing at first and just keep liking commenting and blogging and everything will grow

Thanks Howard, yeah maybe I gave too much info at once, just focus on Posting, Upvoting and Commenting, then build your stake in CTP Power and Steem Power as you go, stay awesome.

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The FUTURE is here, NO Doubt!

Yep this is what you do Howard, post, engage and curate, and you get paid for all of it.