Luke is alive day 2 May 8 2020

in ctp •  25 days ago 

Luke The List Builder.png
This is my #LukeIsAlive entry first thing I did is logged into clicktrack profit

Went to scavenger hunt found in the Xtras menu and clicked the green go button
start luke the listbuilder.png
The first Place for today is Boot Scootin Traffic

found luke bootskoot.png
Now I head on over to Cup of Traffic and begin surfing there
found luke cup.png
Now I go to the gauntlet at click track profit

found luke gauntlet.png
Now its time to go to Traffic Leads To Income

Remember here is different than the traffic exchanges need to find luke here
Traffic leads to income finding login spotlight.png
Found luke Traffic Leads to income.png
Now I go to Sea life hits and continue searching

found luke sea life hits.png
Now its time to start again
start luke the listbuilder.png
start at traffic leads to income.png
I will stop my sharing here cause I read the rules for contest and only get ticket for 5 times finding luke. I completed 5 more after these 5 because i wanted another ticket for the weekly drawing at ctp for a chance to win another $10 there 😀

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  ·  24 days ago (edited)

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Howard, and yes it's a max of 6 tickets per day, and there are 2 reasons for that.

If it was unlimited we would only get a very small amount of people participating that would spend hours surfing and the rest would not find it meaningful participating, and we want many participants.

The second reason is that a few users spending hours surfing is what is killing most traffic exchanges, the other users don't get much conversions from that because they only have a few people visiting their ads even if there might be a great number of hits, and we want quality views.

Stay awesome.

  ·  24 days ago (edited)

I agree witht the reasons and I think 5 is plenty i like to do more cause if i get 2 scavenger hunts done in a day it gives me 2 chances to allso win weekly drawing at ctp itself :) And i get 120xp everytime i finish one :)

I could not surf for hours i divide it into different parts during the day and spread it amoung different traffic exchanges:)

Thank you your contest is awesome good luck to all that participate :)

Thanks a lot Howard, and keep up your great work, and good luck.

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Thank you for posting the excellent instructions on how to do the scavenger hunt Howard howyf2 ... I will give it a Tweet and share it on Facebook! :)

Thank you you can look up #LukeIsAlive and see other ways to share the scavenger hunt and be part of the #LukeIsAlive contest :)