There is something new in click track profit

in ctp •  7 months ago 

Click Track profit just add something that is awesome called top sites. This is how it looks.

This shows the top 10 sites with ctp badges through click track profit. There are 25 total and depending on your ctp level you can enter your affiliate details on this too. I know Pro can enter 5 affiliate ids into the detail box. Entrepreneur can fill them all. I am Entrepreneur so I was able to fill all 25. So its a big benefit to be pro or even better Entrepreneur.

I cant wait until more Traffic Exchanges that had ctp badges before migrate there badges back into click track profit or purchase badges for there Traffic Exchange.

It will be interesting to see how this becomes with more Traffic Exchanges involved so if your a Traffic Exchange owner might be worth it to get involved with Click Track Profit.

Have fun and keep learning

Howard Fullmer

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Thanks for highlight this man. Yeah Blain surprised me with it last night...But wow, what a cool new feature.

We've got some pretty epic plans for it. This is just the starting of it :)

your welcome i am getting excited about this new click track profit

Thanks for posting the Pic @howyf2 - Its a great addition to CTP

Your welcome

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This is so amazing. Every minute of my time spent on ClickTrackProfit is proving to be a goldmine experience of knowledge empowerment.

Yes learning and growing and sharing :)

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Thanks for the update. I am an Entrepreneur myself and have 2-3 more sites to join up on. I did not know that it was limited by membership type, but it makes sense the way it is planned by CTP.

I noticed the new page, but I didn't know there was a "downline builder" for upgraded members. Good to know, thank you!

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

You are welcome I'm not sure if it's just for upgraded might be something for people that go the free route

Really great to hear about it

I just noticed that @howyf2, that is a really great update, thanks for sharing.

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keep on going @howyf2 !!