why are people excited about unicorns at click track profit?

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There is i fun new game at click track profit were you can save unicorns. it is called The Unicorn's Oasis!

FireShot Pro Screen Capture 012  'ClickTrackProfit'  clicktrackprofit_com.png

to participate in this game you have to click on the subscribe now on the available lists. You then are lead to lead capture page to join the list and when you confirm the email that is provided you then get a email from the list you joined. After confirmed you get your first email and read until at the bottom it tells you to click here to save a unicorn.

when you click this then you get sent to this.

before claim.png

then you put in your click track profit user name or if not a member of click track profit you can click the link that says click here to sign up ,

there is a chance with every unicorn you save to win a wheel spin in click track profit.

wheel spin.png

As you can see from my image I have 8 spins and the current jackpot is $31.67 so everyone has a chance to win that. So come and find out about saving unicorns at ctp. Here is a image of what happens when you save a unicorn and win wheel spins :).

FireShot Pro Screen Capture 009  'Save The Unicorns!'  unicorns_ctpgo_co.png

Thank you for viewing my post

Howard Fullmer @howyf2

you can learn more about Click Track Profit and learn how you can learn to be a better affiliate Click here

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Thank you very much for this excellent explanation and walk through of The Unicorn's Oasis in CTP @howyf2, let's go save some Unicorns and make them happy, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Way to go Howy! You just went over 20 upvotes. I see what you are doing in so many ways. You are setting a great example for others to follow. Keep on keeping on!

thank you

Great job, Howard! I dig this new Unicorn thing.

Thank you I am liking this new game too

Well done Howard you have given a nice breakdown of how it all works.
I am still looking for a unicorn to kill :)

Thank you might be an interesting thing to add to the game a unicorn nemisis lol

Well done Howy, as Rob said, a nice breakdown. For being so unicornial, may you and your loved ones have a especially alicornial new year!

Thank you