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RE: Keep Goal Setting Simple, But Effective.

in #ctp9 months ago

Totally agree with this! The key of success is to have determination, enjoy the journey but always having a plan.

People don't see that you don't need to make a professional agenda or something like that to be successful, you just need to write, write a lot, starting from scratch, with little objectives and then, after starting growing up, become more visionary.

And work everyday for it, no matter if it just 20 minutos per day, but do something, build something, even an idea, is totally worth!

I really enjoyed this post, thank you so much for this advises, I'm really happy to be part of this #ctptalk family!


Thank you. I can sense that you are passionate about this topic by reading your comment.

I totally agree with you, you don't have to be fancy, just write it down and then start doing something. Even something small, but do something. Eventually, it will start growing bigger if you just keep on doing it.

I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

PS: And I agree with you: it's great to be part of the #ctptalk family!