#MyHIVEGoals - the beginning + #LukeIsAlive Update

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This is my first post. I will tweak it as the weeks go by.
I will be posting the goals once a week on monday.

Hive Power
Goal - 250
Current - 58.825 HIVE (includes 15.052 - delegated to me by Jon G. Olson)

CTP Power
Goal - 10000
Current - 4000.829
[ liquid CTP - 380.129 ]

CTP Miners
Goal - 20
Current - 2

Actifit Tokens
Goal - 5000
Current - 332.75

[please do comment below,any suggestions or tips to improve]

LukeIsAlive Update

Today was a nice day at listopia. The search for luke was quick.
This is what happen.






See you tomorrow

Farhad Kias

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Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Farhad, and nice progress on your Hive goals, just to let you know only your own owned Hive Power counts when building your level up to Minnow and then Dolphin, delegated HP does increase you Voting Power though.

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