A Newcomers Paradigm

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As a new comer to the HIVE Blockchain and also to CTP –on 3rd day now, I have been getting as active as I possibly can

I have been creating a couple of posts a day , commenting on at least 10 posts and up voting.

I was fortunate that another member read one of my posts and delegated 50 hive to me so that I could continue to post – thank you @russellstockley (who by the way seems to be quite active and hosts some great opportunities to win Hive and CTP Tokens – check him out)

If it wasn’t for the delegated power I would not have been able to be as active as I have

For newcomers it can be hard, especially if they want to hit the ground running.

I have noticed that commenting on peoples posts is a great way of engaging with people and in essence , if I understand this correctly, also makes you a curator of their post when you give an up vote.

However even at a 50% up vote , or a 100% up vote that I do, as I have no real power, very little staked due to being a newcomer, my up vote is worth 0.

It would seem that as a newcomer the only way to actually earn anything is to create your own posts and hope that other people engage with that post.

On CTP Talk the community here is very supportive and I can see that people engage all the time which is very nice, This also happens on HIVE and all goes towards creating a better power base to be able to continue.

I want to be super active and hopefully one day be that person that can help new comers on this platform.

Being new means that you need to be patient. and sometimes that means you just have to wait before you can post, as frustrating as this might seem, it is a waiting games and a game of accumulation that will eventually lead you to greater activity

**such as with this post, I ran out of RC and had to wait to post it :( :)

So don’t become discouraged and just do every little bit that you can. Smile on people and they will smile back.


I aim to engage with as many people as I can that create great community content and engage with others by sharing their journey.

I will be up-voting posts that I believe are great community sharing posts everyday

I will select one post a day to get a 100% upvote from me and will post this banner as well as comment on that post.




So far you totally get it. You just need to be active and everything will come in time.

There is a bit of a learning curve but if you keep on like you have started you will be able to build up your staked and powered up tokens. After that it kind of snowballs, just takes some time an effort in the beginning.

Hello @maddogmike - thank you for your comments and support, I am starting to get a better understanding of how this all works

looking forwards to the snowball effect :)


I started on here a year ago on CTPtalk with literally nothing. I was delegated some CTP tokens by @jongolson to get me started and I just began to create, upvote and curate content. I have made more progress in the last year doing this than I ever made in any platform before. It takes time but the support has been amazing. Sticking with it and showing up every day really means something here. Glad you're here with us.

Hello @lisamgentile - Thankyou for engaging - I am finding my way around and have been more that taken care of by @russellstockley, who seems to pop in just when I am struggling :) I will be around for a while so I will see how it goes


You're welcome, @improbableliason! Happy you have been getting help! @russellstockley is great as is everyone in this community! 😀

That is an important thing to consider and something that the developers on here are working on resolving. Lots of us bigger accounts (mine is not that big by comparison to so many, but it’s a good size) have enough resource credits to do anything we want but they are trying to come up with a way to pool that so new users don’t have any restrictions in regards to posting and others.

It’s funny because I usually help people by giving them advice to get out there and leave some great comments! You beat me to the punch on that one so it’s amazing. Give it time and you can make a very good success story here. The markets are going all o se the place but just stay active, talk with people and find your niche and you’ll do great.

Thanks for joining hive!

The RC is an interesting factor, I have come across a couple of stumbling blocks when I go to comment, but I have been given the advice to be patient, especially in the initial stages and then things will improve,
When I start to accumulate HIVE and able to power it up it will be much better

I enjoy engaging with people each day and will continually engage with some new connections everyday as a way of building up my network :)

Thanks for your advice


With this account I’m in the same situation, so I know how you feel.

I’d like to add that you also earn hive and other tokens when people upvote your comments. Basically for hive there is no difference between a comment or a blogpost. Both are posts and rewards according to the votes they receive.

That’s why it’s so awesome that many people within ctp upvote comments. It does increase your income.

Also until you get about 60 hive power it makes no sense to vote with less than 100% if you like to get hive rewards for curation.

But, likely you will get loads of ctp tokens on hive-engine.com very soon from all this engagement, so that will make that lower upvotes will at least still reward you with ctp.

Have you logged into hive-engine yet?

hello @invest4free I havent logged into Hive-Engine yet but will do so today :)

I am more about engaging and will be really pleased when I can offer some token value as well :)


I’m sure that when your first rewards are coming in, you will get enough ctp, to make sure that you can at least start rewarding people with CTP when you upvote their posts or comments.

Just check hive-engine in a couple days from now and start staking those coins you get. Then go login at ctptalk.com and see how much ctp your upvote is worth.

Welcome to the Block Chain and welcome to CTP. If you haven't looked at the CTP training that is a great place to start. Also join the CTP Telegram group. There are many members there that are always ready and able to help including myself.

You have been included in today's "I Am Engaged" challenge which I will post in a few minutes. Watch for it @slackerman

Hello @slackermann Thank you for your advice, and for including me in your post :)


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Hi @improbableliason

I can see you have been very active :) well done.
you will get to the point where you are able to make as many posts as you like

I know that theer are a lot of posts encouraging people to engage engage and engage some more, as @cmplxty mentions, It can be a little weighted to those that have already enough Power, but the more that support you the better,
I believe you only have a few more days to go before you start seeing some of your rewrads come to fruition

In the meantime, I have sent you some HIVE, Power it up and you will be able to continue posting :)

oh and enter all the comps I run, chances to win daily :)

Hi @russellstockley - Wow you are so kind, I have powered up the HIVE and am able to post again. Thank You


You are doing extremely well if this is your 3rd day... I have commented on a couple of yours post and I have a feeling that you are here for months... :)

You are right about newcomers... There are some reasons why the system is like it is (avoiding spam), but new people have to have a lot of patience if they want to build their accounts from scratch, without investing by buying and staking Hive...

When I was starting, I was mixing the two things... When I have bought some coins and staked them, I've got a different feeling about the chain, the people, and my contribution to the community...

And we have an awesome community in the CTP Swarm, and if anyone needs some HP to be able to engage with others, just raise your hand... :)

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Thanks for the words of encouragement @ph1102

I have patience, every time I get the not enough RC ,message I go away and do something else fro a couple of hours, usually then I can make another comment.

I will enjoy when I do not have to do that :)