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Yesterday I was setting up some promotions for my business at various Traffic Exchanges and Mailers.

I have enjoyed finding this avenue for promotion.

What I have found though, is that to earn advertising credits at these sites you need to look at other peoples sites in return.

This is an all well and good process, however, especially at Traffic Exchanges I see a lot of advertisements that are not specifically created for this advertising platform.

Often the pages require a scroll down to read the entire Ad, or they are too wordy, and contain very little in the way of dynamic graphics to attract the eyeball.

I also see a lot of Ads that have an extreme amount of background noise, such as background images that the text is overlayed on, this does nothing for me and I tend to look elsewhere rather than at the Ad.

Now I know that these Ads are most likely not very effective, but people still tend to use them.

Now this is not 100% of the Ads that I see but is about 80% of the Ads, which means, while all these people are promoting such ineffective pages, they are wasting not only their advertising credits, and probably think Traffic Exchanges are not very effective because they are not getting good returns, but also wasting the time of the people viewing these ads, who then just take on a mentality of Click Click Click for credits only because nothing jumps out.

I like to go to Traffic Exchanges for promoting and for seeing promotions, because there are some really good sites out there and I want to know about them.

Having said that, the biggest problem is the size of the promoted Page to fit the window of the viewer.

On Viral mailers for instance when you view the Ad you are viewing the whole page, on TE’s your viewing window is a lot smaller due to the header footer and often the chat window.

So people should really adjust their promotions to fit the platform they are promoting to, that way they would be getting better benefit and offering better value.

Just my opinion and open for discussion


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You are right about that... And adding a huge header from TE full of banners + chat in the sidebar, there are barely place for the page that you are advertising...
I don't know how it looks on mobile phones (didn't try), but I suppose that's even worse... and mobile phone traffic is over 60-70% of all traffic on the Internet...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this!

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Great tips there, getting the ads to fit the medium in which they are promoted is really important to be effective, this also gave me the idea about tageting, and that we maybe should also do unique ads with a different message in each TE and Mailer to get even better results, thanks for sharing.

I agree with you 100% As a Traffic Exchange owner I see a lot of what I would call junk sites on my site. Your best strategy is to use an lead capture page and get the surfer on your list.

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You are right about this, when advertising in Traffic Exchanges you need a squeeze page that you can see almost everything really high on the page. So often people put long pages in TE's and they don't really work in that environment. What I have always focused on was using TE's for branding purposes so people get used to seeing you and your product all the time and Mailers for sign ups because I have always received way more sign ups from mailers then TE's. This is only my experience others may have a different experience.