Are you Squandering your Voting power with Curation Trails

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I have come across the notion of Curation Trails,

I believe these are groups of people that link themselves to someone who create the group, then every time that person up votes a post pr comment all the members of the trail also up vote that post automatically. ??

So this would lead me to believe that if you are going to join a Curation Trail that you know like and trust the creator of the trail you are going to join,

Because you wouldn’t want to be part of a trail that started up voting posts that you necessarily would not want to up vote.
A curation trail could go feral ??

Those members that are in Curation Trails, Do you monitor, do you keep track or are you just setting and forgetting.

I have seen many posts where there are a lot of up votes but no comments and I can only assume that these have come from a Curation Trail , the creator has up voted so therefore everyone else has also up voted, often even before they have had an opportunity to see the post.

I guess this is a big Trust factor involved. Because you are in essence entrusting your up vote capacity to someone else.
I understand that up voting is a big part of the Hive Blockchain, But does the Curation Trail actually encourage non engagement ???

I am concerned that those that just set and forget are missing out on engaging with many posts and possibly setting their voting power to things they would not ordinarily do so.

I know it’s a choice to be in a trail, and I would hope that people monitor where that trail takes them and opt out when they need to.

This post is intended as a point of discussion and a question re the pros and cons


I aim to engage with as many people as I can that create great community content and engage with others by sharing their journey.

I will be up-voting posts that I believe are great community sharing posts everyday

I will select one post a day to get a 100% upvote from me and will post this banner as well as comment on that post.




When we swapped from STEEM to Hive, one of the most used websites for "auto-voting" and curation trails was down... Those couple of days we saw how it would be without that tool... Of course, we will need more than a couple of days to see the bigger picture, but in a nutshell, there are pros and cons to it...

First of all, we have 2 types of automatization... One is curation trails, where you "trust your vote" in someone else... That "else" is usually (not always) manually check blog posts and upvotes those that are OK... That is the curation trail that I would always support...

Other types are automatic upvotes, where you trust to some author and automatically upvote its post without knowing what is it about... In a certain way, that is also fine, because more-less you know the "style" of the author and you "know" that he/she will deliver the value...

All this is great if it is like I have described as that is an ideal scenario... The problem is that it is not always like that... lol... There is abuse (as always), but that will take a couple of blog posts to write about... lol...

From my point of view, I want to mix those things... Reserve a certain amount of my Voting Power for auto, and the rest I'm using for manual upvotes...

Very good points that you make,
I also think that joining a curation trail with someone you trust could work quite well as they may see posts that you don't

I wonder though if there is an accountability, eg: the owner of a curation trail provides a list of the posts they have up voted so the members can choose if they wish to remove any votes,

You can check all things regarding Hive here:

just change your username with the username of trail that you follow.. You can remove upvotes that you want... ;)

Curation trail is fully based on trust and idea of help.

Let assume, I have only 1 hour spare in a day or say even I don;t have that 1 hour (we all have job,works and responsibility and it might not be possible to come daily and curate all your VP.)
Curation trail solve the purpose. They share their report also for transparency.

Nothing can beat manual curation but it does not make sense when your VP and vote is quite insignificant and trail merge all these insignificant vote to something significant.

Exactly @saachi - time factor is an interesting point, different people post at different times and some really great posts may get missed.
A report would be an added bonus, so that you then know which posts you can revisit to comment on

You are right about curation trails on how they work and yes you need to trust the person running it. When you join a trail you can set the % of vote you want so you do have some control of the amount of tokens being upvoted. I only belong to one trail and have no plans on joining another. I do go through and see where the upvotes are and comment on the post that I like, I even remove my upvotes and change it to a higher amount sometimes.

Hi @maddogmike - I think the Trust thing is big, knowing who is running the show is paramount to being confident in giving your up vote power to someone else , essentially

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