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Creativity is what allows us to go forwards

Without creativity there would be no innovation and no invention.

Creativity allows us the permission to think outside the box, it allows us to enable plans for the future, it enables us to push behind us what is already known and it allows us to expand on what could be.

Everyone has a creative element within themselves; if you cannot see it then you just need to look a bit further. If you enjoy the smell of a flower the dynamics of color or the wistfulness of sound then you have a creative element within yourself.

These are the things we need to draw on to allow us to be productive in a forward thinking way.

These are the aspects that we want to use when engaging with others and these are the aspects we use when communicating.

When having a conversation you will find yourself having input into that conversation.

This is creativity.

Creativity is engagement, Creativity is communication.

Use your creativity to expand and expound. Use your creativity to engage your passion.

Use your passion to create.

It is cyclic, Creativity creates Passion creates creativity.


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Good points on creativity, I agree with you it is possible to find creativity on most anything.

Hello @maddogmike - Thankyou for your comments, and yes even the urge to respond involves a creative process


Well said - I also believe that creativity lives within all of us , it just takes longer to emerge from some than others

I like your way of thinking :)

Thank you @russellstockley for your reply, yes creativity is within us all just waiting to come out


Great points about creativity... I was talking about it a couple of times, but mostly about the aspects that are "killing" the creativity... Like censorship on social networks and forcing the certain "type" of content that is "selling better"...

But, if creativity is fed from the passion, the magic happens... ;)

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Hello @ph1102 - There is a great TED Talk by Ken Robinson on how Schools kill creativity- it is a great talk if you get the chance to watch it I highly recommend it.

Society as a whole tends to place restrictions, rules and regulations and that in itself can prevent the creative :)


thanks for the recommendation...I will check it out... ;)