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I came across a great post today by @Denmarkguy
8 Reasons Why I'll Never Become a Successful Writer!

In this post he uses the techniques of 8 ways to become a successful writer but puts it in a way that is the negative

This is a really great technique and one that we have all been a part of at some point of time in or lives.

As a child , most of us would have had out parents say to us the opposite of what they wanted us to do knowing that we would go and do exactly what they didn’t want us to do.

As a parent we have undoubtedly used the same technique with our own children.
This reverse psychology is a known method that is used in many different walks of life as a way of creating decision making.

First present a concept, make that concept exciting and enticing then downplay the concept and encourage the person to not follow through with valid arguments not to then ask for a decision to be made giving limited time to do so and offering a final enticement about the subject which is actually a positive.

This playing on the psychology of people can be a very powerful tool for production.

I just watched a clip of Big Bang, where Sheldon wanted to buy something for Leonard.
Stewart presented him with an action figure, which Sheldon didn’t want, Stewart then went to remove it but gave one more enticing bit of evidence (this rare item) as he was putting it away, Sheldon immediately wanted the item.

Here is this great product that will help you grow and improve your income. All you have to do is follow these steps and you will improve before you know it. Give examples where people have succeeded using this method.

Once the picture is painted

Demonstrate that you can see the person isn’t really interested in the groundbreaking opportunity and show that it really is only for those that want to take action and it is only for a limited time.

Start to remove the item and while doing so demonstrate the usefulness of said item while asking them to make a decision

The hand will be forced and decision is made.

Disclaimer: Reverse Psychology only works with certain personality types and on the whole doesn’t work with most.

And that is why if you really want your business to succeed then use tried and true methodologies that work for most.
But hey, why not give it a try

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I have to admit that I have used reverse psychology with my son when he was younger... Now, it is a bit more difficult... Also, there are people that are still in that phase that you can use reverse psychology on them... I find that a bit childish, as it isn't based on anything rational... lol...

But, as you said... It can work...

btw... I'm using a kind of reverse psychology when I want to buy some crypto... If I strongly want to buy, I should actually sell it... as markets always do the opposite of expected... lol... 😂

lol, I agree when it comes to crypto, I dabble in Bitcoin and I often do the opposite to what most are doing, so far it has paid off :)