Don’t take things for granted

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Every day we see things that are, in essence, a repeat of the things we saw yesterday and this means that we can become quite complacent to our surroundings and also to what is happening around us.

I once was sitting on my balcony and watching a magnificent sunset, I shouted out to my 5 year old daughter at the time and said, ‘Come and watch this sunset its magnificent’ she shouted back, ‘I know Dad, I saw it yesterday’

This was a classic example of ignoring the beauty around us because we already have an assumption that things are the same.

The point being that due to this pre-perceived notion that we have already absorbed all we need, we often miss out on new experiences and new ways of looking at things.

When we are observing things around us we need to be observant. That plant that we pass everyday, never stays the same, that person who is always on the street corner, never stays the same.

The journey we are undertaking is an ever changing and evolving experience that needs to be mindful that what we saw and experienced yesterday is and should be seen with fresh eyes today.

Embrace the subjective and objective change I everything we do. If we do not then we may just miss out on the gem that changes our whole perspective we may have on something.

I love Life and I love the fact that it can offer us up a new way every single day and I embrace the change that I am able to allow myself to experience.

What I see today will be seen with different eyes tomorrow and so never assume that what you saw yesterday is the same today.


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Great points, all to often people don't pay any attention to what is happening around them. Everyone is either in to much of a hurry or focused on their phone. The World has so much out there we just need to open our eyes and see it. Life is to short to take it for granted.

Exactly @maddogmike - shifting the focus is like climbing a mountain, the higher you get the more you see

I see that like living in the "comfort zone", or inside the "happy circle"... and we think that it will be the same or better the next day, without doing anything...

And then, occasionally, we receive a slap from life to live every moment and to WORK to make life better for us and our surroundings...

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That's exactly it @ph1102 try stepping left instead of right and the world will appear different (thats not a political analogy)

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Taking things for granted can make us miss many opportunities,
when you apply this to Online Business we can often gloss over things without much thought.
Spending some time to take in what you see and give it good consideration will often provide many peasant suprises

It certainly can @russellstockley - shift things around will give you new perspective