Everyone's a Hustlin

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Just as I am getting my head around HIVE, well sort of, as much as a newcomer can , I see a lot of chatter about Hustler ???

This appears to be another community group, Tribe, whatever they are called

The CTP Swarm group are very excited about this as those member that had CT Tokens Staked got an Air Drop??? of Hustle Tokens

Now my understanding of an Airdrop from what I have read is when a snapshot of the platform or a platform is taken and then an equivalent amount is placed onto another ??

In this instance it would appear that those with CTP Staked received equivalent Hustle tokens as well.

I assume that the Hustle tokens have a value and can be used for some thing’s.
Not having any CTP Tokens staked, I haven’t received a payout from my posts yet, I am not a recipient of Hustle Tokens, not that this is an issue, after all I am new to this and just getting the hang of CTPTokens.
I am accumulating Knowledge and that is far more valuabkle.
My time will come

I have a question though,
Now CTP Tokens can be used a number of advertising sites for upgrade and advertising points (Credits) etc using the payment system Fire-Pay.

Will Fie-Pay also be accessing other Tokens on the Blockchain for payment, eg Hustle Tokens ??

Also if there are such things as Hustle Tokens and this is created and generated by posting on a Hustle Community

Where is this community ???

I obviously need to read up a bit more about all this, however all assistance will be greatly received.


I aim to engage with as many people as I can that create great community content and engage with others by sharing their journey.

I will be up-voting posts that I believe are great community sharing posts everyday

I will select one post a day to get a 100% upvote from me and will post this banner as well as comment on that post.




Hive Hustlers community is here: https://peakd.com/c/hive-183630/created

I think that they will also create a tribe website, but not sure about it

and regarding questions about Fire-Pay, you should ask @jongolson or @blainjones about it...

Thanks for the Link , I have subscribed to the community

I guess the capacity is there for Fire-Pay to take other tokens, but it possibly would be better interest that users converted whatever Token they had to CTP Tokens that way maintaining the value if not increasing it :)

Thanks by the way :) much appreciated

I have been here for just over a year and I still don't understand a lot of it. I am learning as I go and the CTP community is so valuable when it comes to getting questions answered and supporting your efforts. Just keep getting the knowledge but don't forget to apply it. That is also what has helped me so much over the past year with my growth. Listen to a lesson and pause it while you do the steps. I like your banner and your idea.

So far I am enjoying the journey


This content is a #massivesuccess
You get rehived and can claim a prize!

Gotta love some prizes :)


Yes, the #hivehustler community & $HUSTLER utility token is big right now. It's opening a lot of doors for #LeoFinance as well as #ctptalk.

@ph1102 beat me to giving you the links lol. @nulledgh0st is a good Hivean to follow since he is the inspiration behind #hivehustler to begin with! :)

Have an awesome day!

Thanks @pixiepost - I have followed @nulledgh0st and #hivehustler community

There is a mountain of things to do here


You're welcome! I'm glad it helped. And you're not kidding - there are endless things to do in HIVE lol. 😊🙌💗

Your time will come indeed, you are a quick learner and you put in the work. That’s clear as day. So before long you start to reap the rewards of your labor. 😊👍

hi @invest4free - I am trying to learn quickly, a lot to take in :)

Oh that is absolutely true. It’s like you were using a old telephone before and all of a sudden you have a smart phone. It can do so much more than just phone calls!

lol, indeed

You are correct the people in CTPTalk and Leo Finance are excited about Hustler tokens because those of us who have tokens staked got an air drop of 10 to 1. So if you have any combination of staked tokens between CTP and Leo up to 3,750 you will get 10 times that in Hustler tokens.

And to answer your question about Fire-Pay, I am not positive but they only use CTP Tokens at the moment but I believe others can get with them and have their tokens added.

Hello @maddogmike, thanks for your response, I agree that it is an exciting prospect that the airdrop happened, I mean things for free are good
As long as the community supports this new initiative with good content