My 20 Day progress on the Blockchain

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I have been a member of HIVE now for 20 days and so far the journey has been fun.

I have participated in writing blog post for a few communities and also have been engaging with new people every single day

I have seen some great posts and enjoyed reading and watching many of them.
My journey so far has been step by step, slow and steady

I was fortunate to receive hive delegation when I first started this journey as well an injection of CTP Tokens.

This was so that I could continue posting and engaging on a daily basis
I would lie to send my gratitude and a shout out to
@russellstockley who delegated 50 Hive and also 1000 CTP Tokens
@ph1102 who delegated 50 Hive

Without these delegations I would not have been able to continue posting and I am forever grateful to these two very kind and prolific members of the community.

My progression to date after 20 days is

  • 29 Hive Staked (+ 100 delegated)
  • 2.354 HBD
  • 705 liquid CTP Tokens
  • 1000 Staked CTP Tokens (courtesy of @russellstockley)
  • 10,000 Hustler Staked
  • 31.0 CCC
  • 6.1 NEOXAG
  • 1.7 PAL
  • I have written 37 Posts (including this one)
  • I have engaged on other posts 358 times
  • I get an average up vote of 38 per post
  • Currently have 48 people following me and I am following 159 people
  • My current growth rate is about 2.5% per day
  • My highest earning post received 6.09 (It had a photo of a Cute Cat . lol

Total $ value so far is $23.45
That's over $1 per day

Overall I am very happy with this progress and hope to continue this level of growth over the next couple of months.

The greater amount I can have staked the greater my voting power becomes and the more people can benefit from my engagement

Programs I used for accumulating these stats are
My own spreadsheet that I keep every day and
@hivestats -
@hivebuzz -


I aim to engage with as many people as I can that create great community content and engage with others by sharing their journey.

I will be up-voting posts that I believe are great community sharing posts everyday

I will select one post a day to get a 100% upvote from me and will post this banner as well as comment on that post.




Great progress so far. It seems you know how this thing works. I been here maybe 3 months or so but I don't know what to do and where to start. At first I used the app as a cloud for photo 😁 , then I don't know 😵 , the next day RC runs out and I can't upload pictures. I'm lazy at reading that is why I don't know. Now I think I need to read more to be able to used this technology properly. I'll be following your progress and make it as my basis of my own progress. Thanks.

hello @jwynqc I am happy with how this has gone :) I look for interesting posts everyday and engage with them. I also do the #freewrite challenge everyday and look for areas that I can express my creativity.

Its a step by step process, slowly slowly :)

You’re moving faster than me already. Very well done! Engagement is the key to growth. Also you have a very nice writing style and people like to support you clearly, which is also very nice.

Let’s see where you are when the first month is over!

Hi @invest4free, you have also been a great supporter of my posts, much appreciated.
Yes another 10 days will be a great statistic. I would like to be at 50 hive staked, lets see

I will cheer you on! You can do it!

Thanks for the mention, man... It is incredible how much you have accomplished in just 20 days!

Keep on pushing!

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Thanks for the Hand :) 20 days is great, I am yet to recieve the payout from the cat post, lol, so that will boost my tally :)

Cats are always a safe bet! 🤣

Nice 20 day run so far. Welcome to Hive. I see you've met some very nice CTP members. They are awesome. Good luck on your journey on Hive. Hope to engage with you again soon.

Hi @justclickindiva thansk for the encouragement, :)