Free income every 15 minutes

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Did you know you could get some free income every 15 minutes?

Yes, you can and all you have to do is a captcha. You first have to register at and then use the same e-mail address that you registered with to claim free satochi’s from bonusbitcoin by going to
this link.


The more you claim from bonusbitcoin, the bigger your bonus. As you will get a 5% bonus at midnight of all that was claimed in the previous 24 hours.

If you like to get some more, then check out this post which will help you get set up for 6 more faucets that all feed into coinpot.


You will then easily get 10.000 satochi’s per month. I’m already very close again.

I did withdraw 10.000 satochis last month as well and they are now making interest for me. Which gives me 8 satochi’s free passive income per week!

I do that through the Celsius network: Join Celsius Network using my referral code 150900ca19 when signing up and earn $20 in BTC with your first deposit of $200 or more! #UnbankYourself


by the way, all other coinpot tokens and crypto can converted to bitcoin for free. Which makes this such a good set of faucets.


Nice tips, the trick must be to get referrals to click for me, otherwise it just is like Freebitcoin, one click every other day lol.

Yeah, I did just that as well. But now I’ve started to claim during my work day as well.

It doesn’t take much time and my work is pretty slow this month, so I claim freebitcoin and bonusbitcoin about every hour.

Are you claiming any other faucets? Because the combination of all 7 faucets from coinpot is what makes it nice, even without referrals. Without any referrals and with just claiming twice a day I got nearly 10000 satochi’s in one month.

Wow that is nice, yeah the thing is I am not very motivated to click that much on the faucets, I have earned a total of just over 30k Satochi in Freebitcoin including everything, also a win once, Hive is just way more profitable and something I actually enjoy doing, which is not the case with the faucets, and no matter what I try to do that is a very important factor for my consistency.

I do it from time to time..only time will tell if it is the equivalent of 5btc from the first faucet.

And that is perfectly fine.

It’s free money, but don’t let it control your life.

This is cool.
I'll give it a try


Is there a chance that I don't have to click every 15 min on captcha? :)

Get some referrals to do it for you. Bonusbitcoin gives 50% lifetime value for referral rolls.

So that is a lot better than freebitcoin’s 25%

Thanks for sharing this information! I'll checkit out!

You’re welcome! I just sent my second withdrawal of 10.000 satochi’s to make some profit for me. Took me about a month. It’s a great way to earn some extra crypto.

That's awesome, man! I knew about FreeBitcoin and Bit Fun. I also have a Coin Pot account, so I activated the other faucets as per your other post that you have linked too.

Many thanks for sharing this information!

That’s great. For the ones that start with Moon there is a loyalty bonus for claiming at least once a day, which will after 100 days result in always giving you 100% bonus. So you will see that go up from day to day.

Thanks for sharing this valuable tip! I do appreciate it!

You’re welcome!