The lazy man faucet - wait longer, get more!

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Faucets give you free crypto for 3 common reasons:

  • they let you watch ads
  • they have a gambling website and hope you will start gambling
  • they have their own project and can give away whatever they like, which helps their active user numbers.

If you have tried any faucets before like, then you are familiar with the concept of logging in every hour to claim a few satochis.

At first you get like 25 satochis per claim and it slowly drops to 10 satochis per claim. All aimed at the hope that you will try your hand at some gambling.

Generally if you want to earn from these kinds of faucets you will have to make sure that you claim as often as possible.

But a few weeks ago I came across some faucets that don’t need you to do this and still give you a lot of satochis relatively.

These faucets you can actually claim every 5 minutes, which will yield the highest income.

But the longer you wait, the higher your claim will be.

Since they have a daily bonus, I make sure to claim at least once a day. They give a nice 100% bonus if you claim at least once every day, so I don’t want to miss out on that.

I claim twice a day and then I get about 35 satochis per claim per faucet. They actually have 7 faucets that all feed into the same wallet at and you will need to register here to be able to claim from any of the faucets.

There is also a mystery bonus, so in about a week, I got 2000 satochis. Which is really good. I hope to get 10.000 satochis in the next month, because that is the minimum withdrawal amount.

Then you use the same emailaddress that you used in registering at to register for the individual faucets.

The faucets are:

Just make sure you register with the same address you used for coinpot.

Also I recommend using Brave browser when you claim, it blocks a lot of annoying ads. You can get Brave browser here.

Do let me know what your experiences are. For me these are the best faucets I ever tried. Apart from the Electroneum faucet that has sadly stopped.

Thanks for reading, now get some free crypto!


Пользовался этими сайтами, очень хорошие, а главное платят.

Yes, they pay much better than for instance. I think I get about 2000 satochis per week now.

I know some people that have been doing faucets for a long time... when BTC was worth in just dozens of USD... And they have made fortune... Incredible how they can accumulate... Thanks for these faucets!

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That’s great to hear. I’m close to 9k satochis now, but that is really from just a few months of freebitcoin and a few weeks of the ones in the post.

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I do faucets too. Coinpot faucets are good.

But, i lost my moon bitcoin account in the recent attack on the moon bitcoin site. Since my account was associated with the bitcoin address and not the coinpot email address, lost all the earnings :-(
Before the hack, I did tried to associate the accounts, but that also did not went well.

Oh that is awful. How much did you loose? Or do you prefer not to tell?

50000+ satoshis + 13000 satoshis to associate the bitcoin address to coinpot account. (that would have been added to my coinpot account if the association had worked)
The faucets are fine and they work, but the support is not good.

Ah man, I feel bad for you! That must have taken a long time to build up!

Very annoying that the associating to coinpot didn’t work out.