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RE: Spikes and rainbows make my Hive World go round!

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I love the way your stats are clearly showing how it can be just as rewarding to curate and comment. That's good to know. When you just can't come up with quality content to add value, start curating and commenting.

Thank you for sharing this info with us, Eliana!


Hive is awesome!!
Speaking of commenting, better check and follow @ctpchat for a nice place to hang out if you aren't there already ;)
Thank you for your comment!


Hi Eliana. Had some stuff to deal with over the last couple of weeks...couldn't be online as much. So I popped as and when I could, but it seems I have missed out on quite a bit...

I will have to learn about @ctpchat! Thanks for telling me about it!

No worries! As long as you're ok!
Life happens and I'm happy that you even try your best to come on to check on hive!
CTPChat started yesterday so you're still on time to come and say hi :)

I went to the link and found the 2 posts...

Is everything happening in the comment section of these posts? Or how does it work?

Yep, it's basically chat on the comments!
You can read the posts for details but it's pretty much keep our talks on the chain :)

That's awesome! Thanks Eliana!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thanks for the tokens! I appreciate it!