Weekly Report #4

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Here is my fourth weekly report on my progress (growth) using the Start Earning Today program.

This week has clearly shown how we need to realize the effect that exchange-rates have, especially if we want to keep track of the value of our tokens in fiat currencies too.

Here are my stats for week #4.

Stats for Week 4:

  • FreeBitcoin

    • Balance: 0.00005087 BTC (Up by 0.00000685 BTC (+15.56%))
    • BTC (site) Rate at time of writing: $9162.44
    • Dollar Value: $0.47 (Up by $0.05 (+11.96%))
    • ZAR Value: R8.29 (Up by R0.43 (+0.05%))
  • Brave

    • Balance: 14.7 BAT (Up by 5.1 BAT (+53.1%))
    • Exchange rate (Coingecko): $0.203651
    • Dollar Value: $2.99 (Up by $0.97 (+48%))
    • ZAR Value: R52.71 (Up by R15.23 (+40.64%))
  • Presearch

    • Balance: 37.5 PRE (Up by 2 PRE (+5.63%))
    • Exchange rate (Coingecko): $0.01895406
    • Dollar Value: $0.71 (Up by $0.02 (+2.9%))
    • ZAR Value: R12.52 (Down by R0.34 (-2.64%))
  • Hive

    • Balance: Estimated Value of $0.98 (Up by $0.41 (+71.93%))
    • ZAR Value: Estimated at R17.28 (Up by R6.71 (+63%))
  • Hive Engine

    • SWAP.BTC: 0.000095 BTC (No change) - Dollar Value: $0.97 (Up $0.04)
    • SWAP.HIVE: 0.34425473 (I transfered 1 Hive to the HIVE platform) Current value @ $0.10)
    • CTP: 397.443 CTP (Up by 57.80 CTP)
    • CTP staked: 30 CTP (no change)
    • Total CTP in Dollar value: $3.96 (Down $1.88)
    • LEO: 0.178 (No change)
    • NEOXAG: 0.00533375 (No change)
    • NEOXAG staked: 0.00533375 (No change)
    • Hive-Engine Total Value:

      • Dollar Value: $5.03 (Down by $2.38 (-8.45%))
      • ZAR Value: R88.67 (Down by R48.80 (-35.5%))
  • Total Value:

    • Dollar Value: $10.18 (Down by $0.94 (-8.45%))
    • ZAR Value: R179.47 (Down by R26.78 (-12.98%)

Learning From These Reports


What is already becoming clear is the following:

  • As the Bitcoin price got stronger, we started to receive less BTC per claim. Nonetheless, the dollar value increased and that assured a steady growth. Over the past day or two though, bitcoin price declined but we still received only small amounts per claim. The growth is still there though.
  • Brave showed some good results and I think I can focus a bit more on growing my BRAVE account.
  • My PRESEARCH account was a bit slow. I should focus on doing more searches daily in PRESEARCH. I think that will speed up the growth somewhat.
  • Hive is showing nice movement and I will continue to create content and be active on the HIVE platform.
  • What I really need to start doing now is to get serious about promoting the Start Earning Today program on other platforms. I need to educate myself on the topic of promoting and look at resources such as traffic exchanges etc.


Next week Friday will be the last Friday in the month of May, seeing that the following Sunday is month-end.

With the two dates so close to one another, I will not do a weekly report next Friday, but rather a monthly report on Monday, 1 June 2020.

As mentioned, exchange rates has a huge effect on the week-to-week figures and can show a lot of fluctuation in values from week to week. Those who are involved in trading the markets refer to this as the "noise" of shorter terms.

Thus, it will be interesting to see the overall movement that took place during the month of May.


I like your weekly reports and your comments about it... Try to follow your advice from the post and keep on tracking!

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I'm glad you like my weekly reports @ph1102. I will definitely follow through and keep tracking. Thank you for your words of encouragement, I do appreciate it.

This is awesome man, fantastic numbers and reporting!

Yeah I think the more people see that showing up and actually 'doing things' is a great game plan...We should get more adopting.

Appreciate you highlighting Start Earning Today as well :)

Thank you for your kind words, Jon!

I am the one thanking you for sharing Start Earning Today with me. That's how I ended up here. Some time ago, I subscribed to one of your e-mail lists, but then life happened and we went through a horrible time. I wasn't able to be very active on the internet for quite some time, but I decided it's time to face the world again.

I happened to open one of your e-mails and there it was...you spoke about Start Earning Today. I read through it, clicked the link, registered, watched the little videos, and everything just made sense to me. I decided to give it a go and...well...here I am, lol.

So, if anybody asks me to speak about or highlight Start Earning Today, I won't even blink an eye. If it can help anybody, I'll tell them about it. It works. And what I appreciate is the honesty about starting small and not expecting miracles overnight, but showing up and doing what needs to be done.

Do miracles still happen? Most definitely, I do believe so. But the miracle is often the door that opens up in front of you. It's the opportunity that presents itself. Then, you still need to get up, enter through the door, or do whatever you need to do. You still need to show up and do something.

Wow. This was supposed to be a reply...and here it looks like a whole blog post again...lol. But hey, it's true and I enjoy doing it!

Appreciate that man, makes my job worth it when I read comments like that.

That's all we wanna do with everything in the CTP community...Show people what's possible and if they take action, great things happen :)

Very interesting to see numbers put to the programs. I will be looking forward to this every week.

Hi @rcaine. Thank you for your input, I'm glad to hear that you find it interesting.

I'll be doing these reports every Friday. Only next weeks's report will be the following Monday, 1 June, to enable me to do a full monthly report for May.

I am looking forward to hearing your input on my upcoming reports. Enjoy your weekend!

Nice reports. Reblogged the post and started following you. :)

Thank you for your comment and for reblogging my post, I do appreciate it.

Also, thank you for the follow, I followed you back!

Wow, that's pretty amazing work! Thank you for sharing your results!

Thank you for your kind words, @lisamgentile1961. I do appreciate it.

Brilliant stuff man!

Thank you for talking about the power of showing up everyday and taking action.

Awesome to see!

Thank you! And it's only a pleasure. Thank you for all the support and for sharing your knowledge with us.

Very cool. You see that when you Track the numbers, you can see patterns and can draw conclusions. 😊

That is so true what you say! Thank you for your input, I do appreciate it!

You’re very welcome

This is really nice way of track your growth.

Thank you.