Are You a Master Delegator

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I recently came across a post on Facebook from my good friend, Abe Cherian.

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Abe and his wife Martha have been building their business online for a very long time and they have both had a lot of experience working with Entrepreneurs.

They discovered that many entrepreneurs appear to be challenged when it comes to asking for help.

Help for things like

Business Plans
Marketing research
Coming up with a product
Designing the product
Marketing strategy.
Creating an offer
Learning how to write a copy
Writing their own copy
Designing their own website

You can read the entire post here

I recommend adding Abe as a friend and following his posts. He and Martha have a good handle on this business.


Thanks for the recommendation. I am not sure people are afraid to ask for help. I think it is that they are trying to build a business (or get rich) without spending any money. Help costs money.

Thanks for sharing about delegating work Janet, I need to get better at this, stay awesome.

thank you for the training today, it was a great refresher.

Hello @janetlegere Delegation is very important in any business, we cannot take on all the roles and therefore need to have a great team to help
Having said that if you are taking on more than one role then time delegation is important