It's A Good Thing I Like Pie....

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"Never look back unless you're planning to go that way" - Henry David Thoreau


Man oh man, am I familiar with failure. I've failed more times than I can even count. It would be an entire blog post alone and then some, just to try to remember all the times I've hit road blocks, stumbled, taken a wrong turn, said the wrong thing, said yes when I should have said no, said no when I should have said yes. You get the idea.

I'm sure you probably have had a similar experience. How do I know this? Because failure is inevitable. There is not a single person on this earth that is immune to failure. However, there is a fundamental difference between the folks who find success and those that will never get there and that is….how do they handle the failures they see in life?

Failure is not a bad thing. It's taken me years to realize that more often than not, failure is my friend. It's kind of crazy to say that, right? But hear me out. A good friend will keep your ego in check, knock you down a few pegs when you get too big for your britches and serve you up a nice slice of humble pie when they think you're hungry for it (and even sometimes when you're not!)

Failure is THAT friend.

The one that reminds us that we aren't perfect, but worthy of the effort. We still have a lot to learn. That's an amazing thing!! <--- Worthy of two exclamation marks kind of amazing. Knowing that we have room to grow and the need to learn things is a sure fire way to keep us motivated and moving in the right direction - towards our goals!

Sometimes, my good friend failure will often remind me that it's time to refocus my attention by quickly pointing out what I'm good at and what I'm not so good at.

Here comes that piece of humble pie my friend likes to serve me..…

Picture courtesy of Pixabay.

While it's great to try new things, it's important to remember that you're not going to be good at everything. Refocus your attention on where your strengths are and outsource where they are not. No one has ever found success solely on their own - it takes a team of people with one goal or objective in mind, yet all with different skill sets to keep the wheels of success in motion.

The moral of the story is when we stop looking at failure as this big bad scary enemy, we are able to progress past where we are today.

In fact, it's the ONLY way to move forward.

To Your Success,

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Yep! Fail forward! Sometimes even that is difficult :)

It's like a batting average. Nobody hits .400 and you can make a pretty damn good living hitting .275. That's a lot of not hitting right there.

I'd settle for .275! :D

I like the video, I like the images, I like your voice in the video, and I like the MESSAGE that you have sent!

Great vlog/blog post!

Made in Canva

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That's a lot of likes! YAY!

I really liked this video & it looked very professional, too. :)

This is a great message, especially in which you stated that failure "reminds us that we aren't perfect, but worthy of the effort". That is a beautiful way to describe it. I always call them "learning opportunities," because without it, you can't have growth. Without growth, you miss out on all of the wonderful experiences waiting for you.😉

Thanks so much for this, girl. Keep going with the awesome posts! :)💖

Jenn this means a lot coming from you (as I sit here currently watching your video). Really, I appreciate your feedback a LOT.

Failure can be a strong word. While it is a failure maybe it is better to think of it as finding a way that didn't work and keep on looking for a way that will work.

Good point, Mike. Thank you.

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Just Yes! Great message, Janelle! Take a break, course correct and keep finding ways to move forward.

Absolutely, Lisa. Never stop trying.

I don't know who said it originally but one of my favorite definitions of success is this. The person who falls down 99 times but gets back up 100 times. Mistakes and failure is how we learn to do better


Steven, you are absolutely correct. It's real easy to let those falls stop us but I'm slowly learning...that's not the case! :) The funny thing is, this blog post really was inspired by my daughters resiliency this past week as we work on riding her bike. I lost count of how many times she fell down. She never quit. I was so proud. :)

Remember when she was learning to walk. Same principle applies.