Public Service Announcement: You Matter!

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Let's face it, in todays society, we move at such a rapid pace that it's almost impossible to keep up.

Yet that doesn't seem to slow anybody down.

The truth is we're the most out of shape, most depressed, most overworked that we've ever been as human beings. Yet we have the most advanced science, medical advice, technology and information at our finger tips that all tell us we NEED to slow down!

Even still, we burn ourselves out like we're cats with nine lives.

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I don't sit here pretending it's easy because it isn't. We have kids, jobs, spouses, friends, appointments, and so many other obligations pulling us in every direction, constantly.

The bad news is that those things won't stop needing us on their own. The good news is we can make them stop by putting ourselves first.

It's not easy. It's not even an easy thing to say….putting ourselves first. It sounds selfish and for the first little while, it may feel selfish but once you understand how vital it is to your physical and mental health, it doesn't seem so selfish.

The best analogy I can think of is the oxygen mask theory. Like they tell you on any flight, you need to put your oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else because if you pass out, you won't be good to anyone.

We need to take time to fill our own tanks, physically, mentally and spiritually. If that means saying no to certain obligations, then that is what we must do. Take time for you. Go for a walk, read a book, take a bath, meditate, curl up and watch a movie, go to bed an hour early...whatever it is that you need to help rejuvenate yourself, do it.

It takes discipline. It takes learning the word no. It takes being able to say the word no without feeling guilty for doing it. Like anything else, it takes practice. It may also take a little getting used to for those loved ones around you who perhaps are used to you being so readily available 24/7.

Learn to fill your own cup and you'll be able to fill someone else's cup that much more.

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In Zen, they'd call it the 'way of the one'. Seth Godin would say "Choose Yourself".

If you can't take care of you, you can't help anybody else. It's mostly as simple as that.

Thanks for a great reminder, Jangle!

Thanks Tom :)

I think old English proverb "charity begins at home" also signifies this.

I never knew what that meant. Now I do! Thanks :)

Personal motivation ;) if you're happy you make the world happy. Interconnected!

So true. I'm so guilty of forgetting this.

You are right on point with this post. It is necessary to take care of yourself before you can save the World. Great post.

Thank you Mike :)

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Thank you :)

we're the most out of shape, most depressed, most overworked that we've ever been as human beings.

I believe so too. Perhaps with the advancement of science and technology the old values of whats good and right aren't practiced anymore. New norms of society and the roles they assign to us make us run 24/7. Not all of those new norms are imposed on us, mind you, but we tend to follow them anyway. Like a herd. Pointless dilly-dallying on facebook/instagram, for instance.

You are probably correct. New technology doesn't always mean it's right. We could definitely use some of the old values back in 2020. Thank you for your comment :)

Great post, Janelle! I like the oxygen masks analogy... It is like that... Help yourself to be able to help others... Sometimes, it's hard to do that...

When you are a parent, you want to give everything to your child... the same goes with family, spouse, friends... Personally, I find that very hard to do... I put too often myself in the last place...

Just a stupid example... Commenting on others' posts at the moment, BEFORE I have replied to my own posts' comments...

But, you are right... Take care of yourself first!


I use the oxygen mask theory a LOT in life lol

Thanks Zoltan

Good for you! I have to study more about it... :)

Oh yes, self care is so important, I've often wondered what a world would look like if everyone could learn how to earn twice as much by working half as much.... 😀

If you figure out, don't forget to tell me! :D Thanks Paul