Why I Hate The Term "The Money Is In The List"

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Okay, we've heard it a million times….the money is in the list. I actually can't stand that term and I'm about to explain why.

One of the most fundamental elements to building your online business is the understanding that people do business with those that they know, like and trust. Therefore, it only stands to reason that you should be working towards a brand that people can recognize easily, can approach because they like you and can trust that you're not going to steer them in the wrong direction or rip them off in any way, shape or form.

One way that you can ensure that you're doing this is to recognize that your list, the very thing that you have been working so hard to build is actually…wait for it…PEOPLE! That's right. Real, hard working, honest to goodness people that have put their trust in YOU and whatever it is that you're offering them.

The term the money is in the list takes away the one aspect that actually makes your list pretty priceless; the relationship! It's in fact, the key component, in my opinion, to your success. People before profit, always.

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Imagine owning an actual storefront and not having any sort of loyalty or relationship with anyone that walks through the door? Just holding your hand out and expecting them to spend their money and leave? No welcome. No "What can I help you find today?" It's the same concept. Businesses offline and online spend years building that trust and loyalty with their customers because they want them to not only spend their money but leave, tell their friends about their experience and most importantly….come back!

Think of your list the same way. Build the relationships by working with the people you're bringing in, provide content and value, gain their trust and I can pretty much guarantee you that when it does come time for you to make the right offer to them, they will trust YOU enough to spend their money with. But not only that, they'll continue to come back. Imagine if you've actually spent some time getting to know some of them how much of an advantage you have just by simply knowing what it is they may need? That's a game changer vs the no relationship list where you just throw any and every opportunity to make a commission in their direction. Yuck!

So while the money may be in the list, what ends up paying is not always the sales pitch but the relationship you have with the people you've worked so hard to bring into your list.

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Keep the content coming Jangle!

Thank you :)

"The money is on the relatioships" is the new black lol if you don't create that connection with people they won't trust you! Give them value and they eventually will follow you! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for commenting :) I agree value is key. I hope to provide lots of that and learn and be inspired from others when I'm struggling to create it.

Right on point Janelle, it's why I use mine to promote my blog and vlog here on Hive, and I have only had one unsubscribe since I started it in late August 2019, and yes I am sending out broadcasts all the time, keep up your awesome work.

At the risk of being completely honest, I've done some damage to my list so my unsubscribe rate has been quite high in the last couple of weeks. That being said, I'm gaining new subscribers. I've taken it as a personal challenge to mend the broken trust because I walked away in the past.

Congrats on your great results! And I appreciate your comment :)

Maintaining that trust after building trust become crucial for business.
Business cannot afford to lose trust.

One of my friend has quite a convincing power and I asked the reason how he convince the people, He replied that he approach the people with keeping below in his mind.
"My Proposition, Your Profit" , I think proposition can simply be changed with business.

You are 100% right. I've had trust and broken trust in the past by disappearing and now my number 1 goal is to regain and maintain the trust of my list. It's a must do daily for me.

Thank you for your thoughts on this subject. It is so easy to get caught up in this trap and forget that the list is actually people.


I'm guilty of it too! It was just a lesson I learned along the way.

I 100% agree - building relationships is KEY to any type of success. It shows you actually CARE about your followers/subscribers, etc. If they feel they are just a "number", then they definitely will not be around for long. And in the journey of getting to know people, you can be very pleasantly surprised & gain some lasting friendships on the way.

I am not exactly the best at "list building" per se, but I do engage heavily each day & love getting to know people from all over the world, especially here on the Hive blockchain. To me, that is success in itself! :)

Great post, Jangle! ;) You are doing awesome. 💚💛

Thank you Jenn for your comments. <3

Always welcome, girl! ❤️

I suck on building my list... I have to improve that... And I know that I keep saying that... lol...

You are 100% right... the list is important, and what's even more important is your relationship with every person on that list...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

You're probably not as bad as you think because your content is very good. I've only been reading and watching for a couple of days and I feel like you have a ton of value in what you provide. So maybe...get out of your own way and just do it :D (harsh words?)

Don't be so cruel to me... 🤣

Anyway, thanks for your kind words... If it was a compliment... :)

Happy to see your posts every day and enjoying in reading them... ;)

Definitely was intended to be a compliment lol

This makes perfect sense. The money is in the relationship you create with the people on your list. This perspective sounds more personable then just The Money Is In The List.

Exactly :)