You Don't Have To Get Dressed, But At Least Show Up!

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I recently came across an article by Matt Mayberry, Speaker and Maximum Performance Strategist & CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises, that talked about the importance of showing up everyday. It's a really great read and I'll share it with you on here.

Showing up everyday doesn't seem like it would be difficult and the truth is, it really isn't. So why don't more people do it? I am not sure we'll know the answer to that. Perhaps it all comes down to personal motivation and drive.

Imagine what I could look like if I went to the gym every single day for a year? Woo. Look out!

The same concept has to be applied in business success. What kind of success could our online business achieve if we showed up with that mindset EVERY single day?

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You can enjoy the article "The Importance of Showing Up Every Single Day" at

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Consistency, engagement, and showing up every day pays off... Doing that for just a month or two will bring you more results than running your business for a couple of years doing "weekend job" by posting 2-3 times per month...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and link to great post!

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Thank you for your comment. I agree & and I'm pumped to keeping showing up! :D

Showing up is definitely half the battle! If you don't do that, you won't be able to realize your own potential and see what you accomplish.

Great post, Janelle. Glad to see you here on the Hive blockchain. :)

Thanks Jenn :)

Welcome back janelle, you are right showing up everyday is very important otherwise people will forget about you. There is a reason all the big iconic brands are continually showing ads everywhere all day everyday.

Very true! Thanks for the comment :)

Yay Janelle :) Great to see you here, and posting up a storm.
Consistency as we know is the key :)

PS: let me know if you want back on team indulge yourself :)

I would be honored :) Yes please.

Hello @jangle
Thanks for the post,
I am recently new to all this, but have seen some great growth in the time I have been on board. and yes consistency is the key, no matter what

Yes. Never give up. That's the most important thing.

Welcome to the party 😁🎉

Thanks! I brought snacks!

It really is that simple! But the trick isn't just arriving at the gym daily, you have to actually lift a weight or two while you are there! Same with business, show up daily and take action! Nothing happens overnight but rather more of a snowball effect where in time everything compounds and becomes easier by the day. Then you start to see results and, if you are like me, fall in love with them and start working harder to see more results more often!

Habits form lasting effects. You show up for Your J.O.B. just over broke, so invest in yourself and see the difference.