#2020 Vision Pup-Kitty Curls Day 13

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Hey @pixiepost! This one is for you!! This video features Reno, she is part of my Nevada clan. I have missed a couple of day of my #2020 Vision, but I have the videos created, prepped and ready for posting! As the leaders of this movement are wrapping up their 44 days, it is up to us to continue on and keep this train rolling! Let's go people! As @elianaicgomes always tells us... NO EXCUSERS!!

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OMG!! I loved this video. First one I watched this morning & it put a huge smile to my face!! Reno is adorable & very fiesty. LOL She would fit in well here ha ha. (She sounds like Timmy with the way she meows he he.) Thanks so much. I just hope you didn't get maimed too much 🤣 Love you, girl, & thank for continuing to #pushon in the #2020Vision challenge.🧚‍♀️💜🦄🙌😻

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Thanks so much!! She has always been my spunky one! She doth protest.. alot! Thank you for giving me the inspiration for doing this, it's been fun!

Screaming cats, flying objects in the background... We have seen everything... :)

Great video! :)

Lol...the flying object may have been my kid...I should go check on her!

Yup, those of us who are bringing up the rear just have to keep going! I think I've missed a day somewhere, and had to do another catch-up today too!