#2020 Vision Pup-Kitty Curls Day 8

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Powered by #pixiepost to bring awareness to the #Steem #blockchain. To promote health and well being. So here I am
on day 8. It's been a fun journey. Soon some of you will be finishing your 4 for 44... what will you do next?

I cant wait to see!!

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LMAO! And he gave his meow of approval! I just hope he didn't get crazy Catitude after you turned the camera off lol! Great video & that is too funny about formerly known as Mona (makes me think of Prince 🤣🤣) #pushon in the #2020Vision!! Thanks for being an important part of this journey!🧚‍♀️🦄💜🐶😻

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Thanks Jenn!! Your opinion and critique mean a lot to me!! I am having a blast and I am astounded how things have begun to move and happen for me since embarking on this Steem journey. It is truly phenomenal!