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I'm digging myself out of the rubble of what I hope is the end of my battle with COVID. We get tested today and will know in a day or two if it's completely gone, but feel much better than I have in weeks.

Anyway, I wanted to sort of get back into the 3 Steps No Excuses Challenge, so that I don't get left too far behind.

Day 12 of the Challenge included going over the Tracking module. Now, before I upgraded at CTP; I already was heavily into tracking my advertising.

I took it for granted for so long and realized how CRITICAL it is to your TIME & MONEY. You are basically wasting a lot of both when you don't track. PERIOD.

It's a no-brainer.

These are important lessons in the CTP set of modules that are invaluable. If you are looking to get to the next level in your affiliate marketing it's a great way to go. Sign-up and UPGRADE!

Moving on to ListNerds. This is where you send email ads to other members. This is a tricky one for me, because I do this religiously at many others and there are some mailers that I'm almost guaranteed sign-ups without too much effort writing ads.

With ListNerds, the pressure is on to really be creative and to get people to WANT TO follow through on your call to action and actually visit your lead capture page or whatever it is you want them to check out.

These are some the stats of my last email I sent through the ListNerds system.


The click through rate has improved, so I will continue to tinker; but this is the importance of having a platform that allows you to do that. Improving your email advertising leads to growth and success - IF you are looking to succeed 😀

The CTP team is heavy into mind mapping, writing things on a white board; which is a great way to set yourself up with goal setting. A much more organized why.

I need to master that. I'm more of a notepad and sticky mind map person 😆

But, going through the CTP modules outside of the #3StepsNoExcuses and trying to catch up to this challenge and combining it with everything I was accomplishing from past lessons I picked up from Jon Olson, I'm feeling good with all this.

The best part is doing a lot of it on the blockchain and HIVE platforms while working on bringing over some skeptics in the centralized ho hum online marketing world into the fold.



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