25k Steem Powered Up!

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I hit a small little goal I set for myself...That about a year or so ago, never in a million years thought I would achieve...

First, a short back story!

I joined Steem in December 2017, right at the height of the crypto craze. Steem was hovering around 4-5 bucks each and still kept climbing. The price to me, was a steal because of what Steem represented. Massive, unheard of, opportunity!

I dove in and started soaking up as much information about the blockchain as I could...

I then wrote the 5-500-5000 Formula in January of 2018. The goal was simple...

1. Interact and Engage with 5 people everyday

2. Reach 500 Followers

3. Get my Steem Power to 5000.

Those were my goals for 2018....

I hit 500 followers in April of 2018, and then 5000 Steem Power about a year ago (October / November 2018)

I would have never thought that could be possible but I stuck to my formula and kept building...Every single day.

Since then, I've gone on to....


663 posts on 676 days of being on the blockchain....And 8650 comments as well.

So an average of 12.80 comments / engagement a day....And almost a post a day since I started....

And here we are!


25,000 Steem Power!!!!

Half way to Orca-Hood :)

And I really didn't do anything to be honest, that pushed my limits. Of course, super cheap Steem prices helped :)

But I never spent a penny more than I could afford to lose. I dollar cost averaged every week and just created content. Almost daily!

That attracted the support of some of the most amazing people I have met in my online career - The Steemians that make this place so special. I was supported with delegation from @NathanMars and @CaptainBob , your belief and support in both @SteemSavvy & @ClickTrackProfit meant so much! As well as upvotes from the awesome people here on Steem. Because I could have never reached this without the support and votes from everyone that has ever read my posts or engaged with me.

Thank you so much! I am beyond grateful!

So instead of pretending this is some Oscar speech, I'll leave you with this...

Create! Engage! Network!

This is the biggest opportunity I have ever been a part of and now is the time to take advantage of all the potential here...When the 'doubters' show up, this is when the foundations are laid.

On to the next 25k :)


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser - https://www.CTPtalk.com

CTP Token on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTP

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX - https://dex.steemleo.com/?token=CTP

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Congrats on reaching the 5K milestone!

Thanks man!

WOW WTG @jongolson , RESPECT! ;)

Thank ya kindly!!

nicer man i just staked 100 more ctp

Im leveling up like a human pokemon

im thinking of getting 100,000 sp delegation for a month to reward #sandiego and #challengedac posters

With all the goal you've been setting and reaching, you're such a big serious Steemy dude

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Thanks so much :) Appreciate it.

Thanks for sharing your success story, Jon. Means a lot to me and fellow CTPers. You are a true leader, and I am so grateful to have been following on behind, albeit at a distance.

You joined Steem, spent time trialing and researching this platform, then realigned the ClickTrackProfit website and the CTP community, all within two years. Massive effort, my friend, tyvm for introducing us to this wonderful place.

To me, CTP is about learning as you grow, and making money along the way. SteemIt and y/our tribe CTPtalk brings that earning to a much higher level.

View from afar: awesome sauce ahead!

thanks man. that’s why i’m so fired up to bring ctp people to steem. it’s such an amazing opportunity to grow.

Congrats bro. When Steem moons, you can now afford membership in the same golf resort as me. Keep grinding though, you need to roll up in at least a Bentley or we're turning you away.

ha ha ha yeah man. i’m buying coffee for everyone!!!

I can't see how you included the words moon and steem in the same comment...lol

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A very big congratulations to you @jongolson, you have had a great journey, and you have inspired a lot of people along the way, and great advice you shared on how to climb that ladder, applicable both to Steem and CTPtalk, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks man. Yup this is only goal number 1....Next one, 50k ;)

Thanks @jongolson, stay awesome and Steem on!

This is so great Jon! I'm happy for you for reaching this milestone! What do you think, will you be an orca by the time SMTs will be on the mainnet? :) Or is that too soon?

Although not as impressive, I'm on my way to 10K. :)

Took me about a year to get 20k steem power. but there was some pretty good growth because of the price. we will see. thanks man :)

Yup, but 25k SP should help with curation rewards after EIP...

Hope so...Havent really seen much of an improvement with curation rewards honestly...It's right around the same. And I'm at around the same amount of upvotes I do daily....Weird.

I have, it's noticeable. But I did change my voting pattern a bit, with more SP I can spread the vote to more posts at a lower weight. I also gave up on many auto-votes and tweaked the rest. Manual curation rocks... but it's time consuming!

Those are some great achievements and tbh nice ideas indeed to make the Steem journey much more effective and exciting as well. All the best for the next step 50k ;)

Thanks very much. Yup. Not slowing down now :)

Congratulations your massive achievement in Steem blockchain. Your most blog posts would useful to planktons and minnows.You've share formula for your achievement and steemian's achievement. I'll have to hope to be dolphin within this year.All the best.

It’s how I started :) started from zero. and kept going.

Fantastic Jon,

When I read a post like this from you, and others, it makes me realize what I can do, and how well I am doing in not even 3 month yet.

Thank you!


For sure man...I didn't do anything 'extraordinary' at all...Just showed up, bought the dip :)

Congratulations on achieving your milestone! Thank you for sharing us a lot of valuable tips. May you have a great day ahead!

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Appreciate that very much!

Congrats on reaching your goals!!
Going to follow your story. :)

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appreciated :)

Amazing Jon! You truly inspire me too.

!giphy congratulations

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Thanks so much, appreciate the kind words!

Congratulations, Jon! That is an awesome achievement!
Next station, 50k... Until Christmas! :)

Ha ha ha ha Not sure if I'll get there that quick....But I'm not stopping :)

I think I speak in behalf of most of us, but we are all proud to have you as our Chief Tribe! And your Success is our Success! Thank you so much for this fantastic Steem adventure! Cheers for another 25k Steem soon :)

Thanks Eliana, honored :) Just trying to show everyone what a regular person can do. No big investments and focusing on the people that are around you everyday!

CONGRATZ!!! You big big fish :D

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Ha ha ha Massive.....Still just a little dude, but working on it....Need to get up to @Exyle status and then I'll feel good LOL

Excellent, I congratulate you, it's all about perseverance and perseverance. For a while I kept the routine of creating 1 daily post, but the lack of support (votes) made me give up.

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Thanks....Yeah it's tough when starting. I went months without getting any real support...But the trick was to just keep showing up. Being around long enough so people couldn't ignore you LOL

Awesome sauce Jon, congratulations on hitting your goal.

Appreciate that man! One step closer :)

Always great to see people powering up so they can do more good here. I'm really tempted to buy more, but need to juggle my finances. I should reach 25k in a few months, but my earnings are down lately due to a certain troll. It will just take a little longer.

Steem on!

Thanks man! Yeah especially if Steem dips to around 10 cents...I will be very tempted to buy a bunch more...But keeping on budget so far has worked well for me :)

That's huge man.
I am also trying to reach rep 70 and 3000 Steem power this year and things are looking good!

Thanks man :)

Yeah, this is a fantastic time to be here....Less competition in creating content and super cheap Steem prices :)

Exactly. Plus it's much easier to establish a name and followers these days.
Have a great day @jongolson

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So true!!

Anyone heard from @nathanmars lately.

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I dropped him a line a few months ago, said he was in the process of moving from Japan back to England...But this place misses him big time.

And I really didn't do anything to be honest, that pushed my limits. Of course, super cheap Steem prices helped :)

But I never spent a penny more than I could afford to lose. I dollar cost averaged every week and just created content. Almost daily!

Amazing job @jongolson and I am right here with you, Dollar Cost Averaging with what I can afford.

I'm at about 5,000 Steem / SP for me and my family + @nathansenn donated 8,000 Steem to the @steem-ph project 😀

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It works for sure...Nothing major either, I literally was spending a 'pizza dinner' every week on Steem. Sometimes I would dip a little bit extra but generally, nothing big at all.

And there is a good chance you enjoyed it as much as a pizza dinner or even more :)

Congrats on a huge milestone. WE have another potential Orca waiting to appear. All it takes is showing up and doing the right things to grow we've seen it with all of the users here now. Hopefully a lot more people take this chance to power up while the price is low and I'll meet you at 50k.

Yessir! Looking forward to it! Yeah these prices it will be very tempting not to dip even more into some Steem purchases...

Congratulations Jon. The work you've done creating CTPTalk tribe and expanding its exposure is awesome.

I'm at 1.2 Steem, so I'm right behind you, lol! Seriousy, reaching your goal of 25K Steem is a massive achievement in the time frame you acquired it. It shows your dedication to what you believe in. Keep on Steemin to 50K!

It starts adding up for sure....Once you get to around 500 Steem, at least for me, I started to really notice a change in how much I would get from curation and votes from others too.

Awesome man wtg

Thank you sir!

Yeah! way to go, and I agree with everyone that said this is great :-)

Thanks man! Slow and steady!

Nice goals you have. Steem is priceless.

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Thank you very much. And I agree!

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I had set a goal to 50K Staked CTP tokens by the end of this year after I started almost 3 months ago and I am getting close. I have a long way to go to reach 25K Steem Power and, in fact, may not acquire more Steem Power. I am thinking more along the idea of using SPI as my Steem Power proxy, but haven't made a decision either way.

Congratulations @jongolson!
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really great strategy! Since I have stoped using bidbots, I have begun interacting with the community much more and your 5 interactions a day sounds like an interesting concept. I'll look into your content 👍