99% Of Them Can't Compete!

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So you wanna build an online business....

You've heard of all the benefits, freedom and potential income that comes with it.

You've watched the training, done your due diligence, studied hard and are finally ready to take the leap.

Your business is launched!

Exciting times ahead...

So much promise and so many opportunities await you!

But then you start to see....Competition from all sides....

This guy is younger than you...He's more 'in tune' with the flashy social media stuff.

That woman over there is a MUCH better writer than you. She knows how to craft epic blog posts.

That new team is filled with amazing developers and web designers. Their products are light years ahead of what you are offering.

The competition has you beat....

......I was scrolling through Twitter today and saw this tweet by the crypto legend Pomp. It literally, stopped me dead in my tracts.


Oh do I ever relate to this!

You see....I'm a nobody on HIVE and in the bigger world of affiliate marketing.

I'm not 'in' with the celebrities or inner group in either industry.

My content is basic and it'll never win a Pulitzer Prize.

My videos and editing (or lack thereof) is about as good as I can do with iMovie.

I'm absolutely useless when it comes to programming, blockchain technology or any type of web development.

But somehow...

I make a living doing this!


Being consistent!

When I first got started trying to make money online, I knew right from the get go, I had to focus on what I was good at. And leave the stuff that I sucked at, in the rear view mirror.

And once I did that, I was able to literally...Show up every day for almost 20 years now. And build!

Everyday I'm:

But NEVER have I claimed to be the best at any of it. In fact, I think I suck at most of it LOL But I'm stubborn....

And I show up every day and do my best to deliver value to my readers and customers.

Look, we're all trying to find the 'secret to success' and if you ask 10 different entrepreneurs what it is, you'll get 10 different answers.

But what they will all agree on is that...You have to put in the work. And you have to do it...

Every. Single. Day!

It may not be 'THE SECRET' but I know with out being consistent, I would have never been able to work from home online for all these years.

Wanna beat your competition....Stay the course and show up everyday.

....99% of them won't!

Wanna learn how to build an affiliate marketing business...By using the blockchain?

=> We've got an awesome solution here!


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Engaging with people on the block-chain is an essential part of this.
Upvotes are cool, and can pay the bills,but it’s the interactions and engagement where things really take off and we grow as individuals.

100% agree.

And if you have the mindset that you are trying to build something for the long run, it makes it that much sweeter when people engage with you on yoru stuff :)

Appreciate the comments!

Wow! I love this post! Everybody always gets hung-up on the idea of being competitive, of always being the best...

There is nothing wrong with being competitive, but I believe we must keep the focus at the right place and enjoy healthy competition. We should use competition to build and improve ourselves.

Always comparing ourselves to other people can lead to depression and unhappiness.

May I be bold and use you as an example (using your own post...lol)?

You mention that you're "a nobody on HIVE and in the bigger world of affiliate marketing" and how your content will never win a prize etc.

But, later you mention how you focus on what you are good at and how you build the best online training you possibly can...

I believe that is the secret. Do the best you can do and just be the best you that you can be. You are the best Jon G. Olson there will ever be. And because of that, you have a great following with huge success.

And that goes for every single individual out there. We need to learn to just be ourselves and become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Thanks for sharing this post! As you most probably realize by now, it got me thinking big time!

Appreciate the comments man and thank you for the kind words.

Yeah that's really it when it comes down to it, be the best we can be of ourselves.

Be better at sunset than we were at sunrise :)

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

If you are bad with years of experience in content creation, video recordings, blogs and vlogs, how bad am I with my 1-year experience? lol...

But, still... I'm swimming in this pond with consistently showing up every day with fresh content... and getting paid for doing that... and not just that... Being appreciated by some of the awesome people here...

So, everyone can do it... Just be stubborn, show up, and plug into the community...

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LOL Man , you see...1 year and you are already crushing it.

One day I'll have to sit down and REALLY learn from the master about Lbry ;)

And that is basically how it is.

It is not easy, but it is not impossible. You decide if this is the way you want to earn a living. Then you go at it. You work hard, you learn, you do what you do best, know best and stick with it. You have to be patient, you have to persevere and if you can maintain your interest, and refuse to give up, you will make it one day.

Awesome points and so true. Sadly most don't see it like that and they want the quick fix :(

Thanks. Yes, that's the trouble with a lot of people these days. They not only want money, they want quick money. But, they will learn - eventually. :-)

I have a feeling you will keep winning! Keep up the consistency. It’s good inspiration for the rest of us.

Appreciate that very much :) Yeah I'm too stubborn to quit LOL

Hi Jon, have you ever heart about Art Williams? Check his most fameus speech https://jamesclear.com/great-speeches/just-do-it-by-art-williams
It Ties in perfectly with what you talk about.

Brilliant man, I'll check it out, especially if James Clear is talking about it too :)

Nice, I’m sure you will enjoy it

Great advice about being consistent Jon, one step forward every day goes a long distance over time, keep up your awesome work.

For sure man, little by little...Small steps but steady steps, that's the key!


A lot of people the fear of competition has killed them, their vision and goals.

Consistency matters a lot in the road to achieving success

Oh for sure, it gets overwhelming if you try to attack everyone in your niche. Just beat them with consistency and you'll win!

It is refreshing to read that. :)

Thanks for the comments man, appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed it.