Another Week And Another #MyHIVEGoals Post....How Am I Doing?

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

Funny to read all the hate on Twitter right now from the spectators who know nothing about HIVE and never invested a single penny into this platform....

Speaking as someone who has put my entire life and business on this blockchain...I think it's great :)

Is HIVE perfect? Nope...But it IS the human experience, warts and all...And I think that's it's biggest strength....Take away all the whales, minnows, and technology and what do you get...

Real people!

That's why I love HIVE and why I continue to grow every week on this blockchain...

Speaking of growth...How's it going Jongo???

100,000 Hive Power

I have to admit, it sucks not having that Steem to dump every week...But hey, Blurt is here now??? I guess...

Still some steady growth again because of my business being here on HIVE too...


(Stats via

100,000 - 64,621.434 = 35,378.566 left to go!

Nice bit of Hive Power added this week, and it's very steady! I like it....And I'm still looking to add more fiat into my HIVE journey weekly as well.

Very happy with these numbers!

25 Rewards Per Post

This sucked...I actually went down this week.

Not sure if it's because I can't upload to 3speak like I normally do, but the rewards went down even though I was very steady creating content this past week...

I need to improve!

19.322 (5.678 left to go!)

10 Dolphins In The CTP Swarm

These people are the best!!!

Seeing big growth and consistency within the CTP Tribe is amazing...Every single one of the members of this community absolutely crush it each day on the blockchain...

From their own posts, to being part of the daily challenges...It's amazing to watch!

I have no doubt in my mind, we'll hit 10 Dolphins in CTP in no time at all :)

That's it for this week...

Good news is, I'm getting my 'normal' internet on Thursday...So I'll be able to get back into creating on @threespeak then.

Even though I've been creating daily, I still feel a big chunk of my content is missing because I love the video elements as well as the Road To 10k CTP Tokens too...

I'll be back very soon to full speed!!!

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We are looking forward to your videos & your return, Jon! We are keeping strong & growing day by day, despite the drama on Twitter or any other negative stuff in the world. It's because we are family here....what's that saying? "We ride together, we die together"? (Maybe not that extreme but you get the point lol.)

Keep going & putting those awesome posts out there. :) 💜

Oh it's an adventure for sure!

Yeah the drama reminded me that while HIVE isn't perfect, it's still a fantastic community!

Ha ha ha! Well, it's definitely like life - good & bad. But things are calming down it seems so now we all focus on the more positive things on the blockchain!

I am excited about the good stuff going on! :) And when you fully return, watch out!! Things will be even more exciting!

Looking forward to watching your videos again ;-)

Can't wait to get them going again!

Fantastic, awesome.

Slowly stacking!!

Great going :) to be honest, and fair it's clicktalkprofit community that has made me active again on Hive after a long long time, an amazing and supportive community spreading love and energy. You are right "Real people!" that drives it onward!

So awesome to hear that....We fly under the radar here but CTP is filled with amazing people that are enjoying this HIVE journey together :)

Yeah... I miss too those steem pumps...

But I'm making 4 or 5 dlls per week.... Lots more than a few months ago...

Have a great day and greetings from Mexico.

Hey we have Blurt now too! lol

Not the prices of Steem or HIVE but still some extra crypto to play with :)

On your way to 100k... Wow! Hey Jon, is Blurt listed anywhere?

It is, actually on

Started my powerdown yesterday, should be interesting to see what kind of returns we will be able to get.

Thanks! I found out about it later yesterday as well. I started the powerdown to gadrian-sp as well, but didn't have enough liquid tokens to start a powerdown on gadrian. Not sure what to think about a social blockchain with transaction fees. I tried to vote something with gadrian, I didn't have the liquidity to pay for the fee.

Amazing mate you are growing real fast.
Wait when Hive reaches 5$ the post rewards will be crazy!

Oh yeah! When it hits 5 bucks, I'm buying everyone dinner!!! lol

It's nice to see that graph shooting for Moon! And we are waiting for your videos, so I hope that the Internet will come fast... :)

July 16th!!!!

I'm counting down the days.


Focus on BUIDLing not drama


The build is what matters!

It is always good to have goals to set on target

Absolutely, without goals we have nothing to shoot for.

Are you retiring when you reach 100,000 hive? LOL Don't do it. What would we do without you?

ha ha ha ha Nah not at all!

I have whale dreams!

Will you be the first orca for the ctp tribe @jongolson?

Ask whale. He is already an ocra.

Yeah I forgot that orca is 50.000 rather than 100.000 😅

Yup, already past orca level...Whale level needs another....435,000 Hive Power LOL

Oh, yes ofcourse. Orca is 50.000 I knew that.. 😅

Steady growth Jon, despite the decline due to no videos, and the swarm is growing too, I will hit Dolphin within the next 2 weeks if my earnings don't drop for some reason, keep up your great work.

That is awesome man....So cool to see that and hear it. Congrats!!!

Nothing is perfect that's why we need to work daily to achieve perfection.


Every day, grow just a little bit more :)

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