Are You In It For The Wrong Reasons...?

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"I'm here for the technology...!"

That was the popular statement a few years ago when someone was questions about their involvement with crypto. The days of 10x gains daily are a thing of the past, but that was a way to let people know (or at least pretend) that you weren't just about the gains!

Let's be honest for a second....We're here for the gains!

The issue I think that plagues crypto isn't that we all wanna make a bit of profits here and there...It's that we have a super short level of patience to get there...


This is a reply to a Tweet I made this past week... @Coingecko asked on Twitter what would we spend $100k on in the crypto world...Of course I chimed in....Hive!

The reply came pretty quick from someone who had gotten into HIVE, invested and for the past few weeks had been losing everyday.

Welp.....Here comes my 'in it for the technology' speech!

I started on this blockchain in December of 2017....And with that, I told myself I'd judge how I was doing 5 years later. Meaning, all I would do for the next 5 years is...Accumulate.

I didn't care about what the price was, because I wouldn't sell. I would just stack. And do everything I could to raise as many HIVE tokens as I could....In fact, when the prices dipped, I smiled and bought more!

O.K. I admit, a big chunk of the people in this crypto stuff don't care at all about the long term...They want the quick gains. They see these massive price swings and try to beat the market...Get in and get out, take your profits and run!

I see so many similarities within the affiliate marketing space that @clicktrackprofit operates in as well...

"Get in, get out....Make money quickly or else we'll try something new..."

Rarely do you find 1 year plans, much less 5 year game plans...People get into this stuff, and try to strike it rich. When they don't make those big gains after a few weeks...They give up!

For years we called this 'slot machine marketing', just keep pulling the wheel until you strike it rich...

The big issue isn't that they 'try new things' it's that they give up on what they have currently been working on and start all over in a new opportunity.

And I see it here in crypto too...

People have given up on HIVE, just to 'try new things' that often fail...So they find a new project, rinse and repeat!

This kills your momentum in anything you do online...Whether it's crypto or trying to start an online business. You have to stay the course and actually see things through.

Hey, I'm never going to claim to be the best investor on earth. My strategy is VERY boring...Dollar cost average and hold! They don't make movies about these strategies, Gordon Gecko isn't coming to congratulate me....

But for some reason, it feels right! I don't stress out about the price swings, I enjoy the journey and keep trying to stack each and every day!

Is it the right reason?

Am I in it for the tech?

Who knows....But I sleep very well at night, knowing if I add just 1 more HIVE to my portfolio each day....I'm winning!

=> The Fool Proof Plan To Big Results....!



2017 you have been here a long time ago man

And I'm not even an OG of this blockchain lol I consider myself new here.

You're speaking to me, Jon. I've given up more times then I like to admit. I have a lot to prove to myself and the members of my list. I look forward to meeting that challenge. Thanks for this post. It resonates well.

Oh hey, we all go through it...The important part is to pick ourselves back up and keep on, keeping on!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Those who come for pure financial gain get panicked easily. Do not put all eggs in one basket and do not invest more than your capacity you will be fine.

Why I am here?
Ok, I play games, I get paid. I write post then I again got paid, I upvoted(like) ,again I got paid according to my wallet.

All payment (money) is safely stored in my own wallet, under my own control.

All the ideas I get here are plus.

Dip in value hurts (it's human greed for more) but I have nothing to complain at the end of the day.

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great point. it’s a variety of reasons for sure. but i’m all for profits. i just think the better way to find them is looking long term.

I am still a newbie to Crypto. I don't look at it as an investment but more of a use case scenario.

Here is what I do know. I am collecting CTP Tokens and Hive everyday with just my fingers and my brain by writing my thoughts and uplifting others.

As far as use case goes, I have bought and sold things with CTP Tokens with no actual money coming out of my pocket and that is awesome! I am in this for the long haul.

It's awesome right?

Earning crypto from typing stuff LOL I love it!

I am here for the short and for the long term lol What I mean by that is I started of with the other block chain and I built built and built some more the cam steem-engine I put some fiat in and bought low and sold high. The gains I made I stared buying my good tokens, ctp ,spi, sports,epic dice and a few more. Then we now have hive and keep stacking hive and and hive-engine I am stacking more and more. I have added hustler and hustlerm to my buying and are stacking them as well as the old ones that moved over. 5 year goals as this in the long run is something I can leave for Sharon if something happens to me. Being 66 you just never know but this will be something I can leave her. It will drive @jongolson crazy trying to explain what Sharon now has (yes I am evil Jon)
So long term yes short term yes but will still be here price up price down buy more!

you’re in canada bro. you are living to 110 lol

hope your right

That's Amazing that you are so much in technology in your age.

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I have been in since I was 18 to 20 when they brought the first computer into the news room at the newspaper they addled the youngest person there t learn about the computer system so it has been a long time that was 1972

Glad to find someone like-minded! Awesome bro!

for sure. wouldn’t do it any other way.

Happy to be reading your post dude.

When they don't make those big gains after a few weeks...They give up

We don’t people on HIVE with Short term thinking

Can't express how awesome it is to have you back man. Once I get this crazy internet speeds fixed, I'll be doing a lot more live streaming.

I missed you as well Jon.

Super excited to thrive on our Hive together

I could not have said it better myself. I blogged a similar post a few days ago. Great minds.....

seems to be a recurring theme for ctp members lol

What? Thinking the same awesome sauce thoughts? Hehe

We are living in a microwave society, and it is the same in the cryptocurrency world... and on top of that, if you take a look at the standard markets these days (stocks and bonds), you will see even worse volatility than on crypto... Which is insane...

We are living in crazy times, and "picking up" the right projects to follow and HODL for the long-term is a challenging task... But, it can be very beneficial... Unfortunately, a lot of people will not do that and will search for a quick-buck...

...and it's funny that we have done similar posts at almost the same time... lol...

Great post and keep on accumulating... Now it is time for that...

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The long term is the goal for me for sure....Accumulate while the rest of the world isn't paying attention to what we have here :)

I would say that we had similar situation with the CTP token and community... Nobody paid attention to us, but we were building slowly... Now, there are a lot of eyes... It didn't take too much time for the CTP...

It's the same with Hive, but it will take a bit more time... But, it will come... ;)

I love the game plan man...Slow and steady :)