Can The HIVE Community Be The Ultimate Crypto Influencer?

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The great HIVE experiment!

Can this blockchain be the 'golden nugget' for social media adoption in the crypto space...?

We've got a lengthy history of BIG wins and just as many losses when it comes to answering that question...

It's evident, the pieces are here...We've got some of the best tech and sharpest developers in the space...On top of that, the most diverse community in crypto that's passionate about their blockchain!

So why haven't the masses come in droves to our doorsteps?

Onboarding? I think this can always be improved upon and I do believe it's getting better every day. I still think hammering noobs with 'memo, active, posting keys and OH YEAH your password' leaves a bit to be desired...But it's what we have right now.

Applications? I mean...Some still think of HIVE as a blogging platform, which is fine but it's so much more than that...Splinterlands, Dcity, 3speak, Vimm...These applications are heaven sent! And don't forget the tribes...We've got something for everyone!


Oh the social influencers...We've had them, they've come around, and most of them seemed to show up when HIVE starts to bump...But then they disappear.

Would it be awesome if Gary Vaynerchuk jumped into PeakD and started doing content native to HIVE?

Sure...But here's the thing I've seen when it comes to social influencers in the crypto space...

They don't care about the blockchains as much as the rewards they potential can receive.

Now there are exceptions to the rule, because I REALLY enjoy content from guys and gals like @crypt0 , @coruscate and @louisthomas but....

Sadly, most others seem to post content here and on a half a dozen other blockchains...Looking for the rewards.

They don't care about the community on HIVE, the applications, the tribes....They just want the rewards.

And that's fine! Let them do whatever it is, they do...

But here's my challenge...

Why not focus on the amazing creators and influencers that are home grown talent...Right here?

Wait a second Jon...We NEED these people that have huge reach on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok....!!!


But the longer I'm here on the blockchain, the more I'm convinced this community can be a powerful influencer itself in the crypto space...

Think about it...

You wanna get people engaging on Twitter? Go have a talk with @NathanMars

Wanna see some in depth amazing commentary about this blockchain on 3speak? Watch a video by @theycallmedan

In depth analysis of the markets? Say hello to @khaleelkazi and the entire Leo Finance community!

How about some thought provoking blog content? Oh boy...Not only can you name dozens of amazing creators, there are entire communities BUILT right here (I see you Power House Creatives!!!)

I know, this is the ultimate shill post!!!

I think HIVE has amazing people, right here that can do so many amazing things to raise awareness for our blockchain. Sure it would be nice to get some extra press here and there...But we've built this place to be the most unique social blockchain in history!

We have!

Not Instagram selfies...Not Twitter rants...Not YouTube creators!

HIVE has!

Look, I'm not saying we can't do better. I'm not suggesting we sit back and pat ourselves on the back. I know we can improve. We have to...

But HIVE is really something special. And the rest of the world will discover that very soon...


I think the blockchain id definitely on the right track, but I do agree with you it could be made a little more user friendly to the people coming onboard. The users themselves are the best influencers for the blockchain, we don't need these high profile people to come and demand how things should be in their opinion.

let them come and see what we have. we can always improve for sure. big things ahead.

But the longer I'm here on the blockchain, the more I'm convinced this community can be a powerful influencer itself in the crypto space


Dude we have so much talent here, it's crazy! And the passion to back it up!

Love being here and creating content and curating and engaging. I do agree that the onboarding process still needs some work. It's a bit too hard to explain to newbies.

Yeah and I'm sure it will get better too....Compared to when I got started here....It's amazing! lol

We have something special here. It is not the easiest system to use, but we see plenty of newbies get the hang of it pretty quickly. They may just need a little help to start with. It is up to us all to help out with making Hive grow.

Yeah I mean, I'm horrible when it comes to tech...And the learning curve was there...But once you 'get it' it's really easy to understand...Just the original hump, if we can make it easier for people...Big win!

You bring up a lot of good points with this post and we do have a huge amount of talent already on the platform. The trick will be showing it to others and building an influence on other sites.

Onboarding has massively improved thanks to cardboard but until we can showcase it to the world they will have no reason to join. One fault that we still have here is creating an echo chamber and giving the most attention to hive centered posts which, while entertaining to us already here. They don't hold much value to new users that might want to join.

We will need to build solid communities that can reach outside the eco-system with enough stake to fund a good curation system for them. That and building a strong presence on sites like twitter to advertise what is being build here.

Why can't we build twitter/youtube accounts with 50k followers based on our own strengths instead of trying to bring in users that don't want to help build.

We need them too but it is still a bit early until we have the communities to support more demanding users.

Oh that's just it for sure...We can build up the accounts that'll make a big splash on Twitter...We don't 'need' the influencers per se....Sure they can help and it would be awesome to have them talking HIVE...but not a necessity.

You mention 'Social Influencers' amd then say they drop in when the currency bumps and then drop out again.
To me these are not Social Influencers. they are dropouts, they can only rely on the uplift of others and do not do what they do from p[personal passion.

Now the Social Influencers I see are the people that I see day in day out no matter what, the people who are there because they want to be there. they have opinions and something to say, they joke and create and participate, they are the real social influencers.

Hive does this, it allows the ordinary person to be extraordinary and gives them a platform to express and through that platform and expression allows others to engage on their level and communicate as peers


ordinary people have a shot here to become extraordinary!!

that to me is why hive is so powerful.

I think we shown our incredible strength at time of fork, it is more of supporting and promoting our in house talents instead of looking for outside celebrity to endorse us.

That's right! The community stood up, together and said 'no' to the take over. It was amazing to see and be a part of!

I see what you and Nathan are doing and it feels exciting. I miss all the folks I met in Poland and I'm still buzzing from some of those friendships. It's that that has me coming back here to see what's going down.

You guys are absolute gems...And that Ddaily community is still in my opinion some of the most talented creators I've ever seen on this blockchain. Would love to see you guys getting fired back up!

You bring up a good point on influencers just earning rewards and then leaving. I wish that once you convert to HP there was no way to power down. This would allow users to still earn their liquid rewards but would force their hands to be supportive of the underlying chain gaining value since they would have an economic asset that's value is locked in.

Authoritarian, much? lol

I don't know if I'd say authoritarian because you'd still have full control of the account with the power nor am I saying that we must do this. That would be up to stakeholders. I'm just advocating for the idea a potential software change to reflect a different economic scenario where users actually lock in stake versus powering up.

I wish that once you convert to HP there was no way to power down.

I don't know if I'd say authoritarian because you'd still have full control of the account...


This would allow users to still earn their liquid rewards but would force their hands to be supportive of the underlying chain gaining value since they would have an economic asset that's value is locked in

How does this square with 'your keys, your crypto'?
How is 'forcing' not authoritarian in it's nature?
Forcing their hands to be supportive...Is not authoritarian? How so?

Are you saying that by coding this is 'locked in asset', it will somehow make it less of an oligarchical a structure than it is, already?

I don't see it..

The account would still be in the owner of the private key's full possession. At any time the account owner would still have the option to use the stake by delegating it's rights or using it within the network. This change would just change the function of Hive Power from a convertible asset to a fixed asset.

My usage of force in my initial statement was a poor choice of words from a guy who was far past his bedtime. I think encourage would have been a better option as it would still be possible to sell the account to leave the ecosystem thus you'd be unable to force anyone to do anything. Regardless I still hold that this change would encourage users to seek the betterment of the network as their holdings in the network wouldn't be as easily convertible to a liquid asset.

As for the oligarchy I think it would cause improvement there as well. Now we have a system where some users earn rewards and then sell everything off to convert to other assets like BTC or fiat allowing large pocket individuals to claim control of the network. If stake in the network was non-convertible that would ensure less would be available for the non-Hive asset whales to buy off the market increasing their control on the network. Instead users seeking to control the network would need to likely lease control from the users who hold stake versus buying the network. This should democratize Hive by spreading the control across a large number of accounts as rewards continue to move away from whale accounts into smaller accounts.

I'd finally make the argument that it's fairly hard to be authoritarian with cryptocurrency. Since this is just code we are discussing you could at any time fork Hive to create another token that didn't follow the consensus of the masses and would instead follow a differing set of rules. Even if my idea is crazy and witnesses would never adopt I can always fork and create a new token so I can not claim them to be authoritarian with my online presence as I always have the choice of participation.

You are correct on all things. Especially the "influenceers". Im finding that they are great to get the general public educated and into crypto. They are what got me here. But Im starting to realize that they arent engaging on any platform specificly. That pretty disheartening and just shows to me that they are more interested in being "famous".

Great thinking out loud. We need more of it!

So true...Yeah I stopped engaging with a lot of those 'influencers' on social media because I wouldn't get a simple 'thanks for the question or comment' from them...Meh, they don't need me to be famous LOL

Exactly. They interact on the platforms they say they promote.

Wait I said that wrong. Lol. They dont interact on the platforms they say they promote. They only use them as another place to stick their 30 different affiliate links and ask for your donations on various crypto.

Influencers, leaders, or whatever you call them are there because YOU and ME have put them there... So, why wouldn't we PUT out there "OUR people", that are here, that we already know that bring value and push them up!

Grow from INSIDE (the Hive) to the OUTSIDE (Twitter, FB, or whatever...)


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And I think that's why this place is so special...We can grow from within! And make a name for ourselves.

When you look at Hive we have some great influencers already. You listed some of them and they are different than the youtube or instagram influencers. They help the community and actually drive it forwards. The traditional influencers have another business model which lives on the back of the algorithms of the big platforms. I prefer 10 times the influencers we have on hive rather than the normed tradional ones. For me Hive is a voice that is different and innovative and we shouldn't lower the standard just for the sake of onboarding...

Yeah man, it's community generated. Lots of people get their legs here on HIVE and then go onto build and create amazing things!

What are your thoughts on dcity (if you play)?

i have no idea what i’m doing. but i buy cards lol

This is just like you and splinterlands haha. I think it's one too many games for me. I still play holybread haha.

i liked that one. idiot proof that’s why i enjoyed it lolol

I could not agree more @jongolson the hive block chain is the place to be, and there are some great folks already here and more coming every day . rehived and tweeted for ya

thanks man. ya we’re just getting started to. i think there is some fantastic opportunities for everyone.

I agree with you Jon. I really like Hive and of course the CTP Talk Tribe. This is a great community. I do believe there is great potential here.


So glad I finally discovered Hive and all of the fantastic communities and brilliant people and I want to show it off to my friends and get them to join, but they will have questions that I can't answer yet,so until then, I'm not going to be throwing it out on social media- just yet, as I personally think that it will be detrimental to the Hive without being able to instantly answer their questions- the very important fundamental questions that I still have....which really, logically should be readily available for us noobies to find, without having to bombard and annoy everyone else to help us to untangle the web of unknowns and multiple layers...

Let me assure you though, I am here to stay, despite it being quite a frustrating and confusing rollercoaster so far....and I have plans for a very long and mutually beneficial relationship between Hive and I- eventually....😀

I agree 100% with regards to putting our focus on embracing all the awesomeness that we have RIGHT HERE! Because there is... a LOT! !tip

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