Focus On The 'BUIDL'

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I woke up today, fired up after last night's webinar...

The potential that this blockchain has, the amazing people, the communities and tribes...No matter what your niche or what your passion is, you have a home here on Hive!

I was scrolling through my email notifications and saw some updates from a fellow Hiver (I still don't know what we call ourselves lol) and CTP Swarm member - @djsl82 and logged into his website....

He owns an online advertising platform and has fully integrated the CTP Token into his business for product and service payments...I logged in, clicked this button:


Which when you click it, brings up this option....


Sexy right?

Because then all you do is confirm the transaction on Hive Keychain and presto....I got myself some advertising credits at @djsl82 's website and I'm a happy customer!

Here's what guys like Daniel and so many of us in the CTP Tribe have been doing on our journeys here on the blockchain....?


Learning how to integrate the massive potential of the Hive blockchain with our businesses!

In the process, we've developed amazing relationships, learned new skills and have support each other along the way!

Community baby!!!!

There is NOTHING like it anywhere online!

Hey you can get really caught up in the price of this stuff...

Hive fluctuates, as does all crypto it seems...Buy now, sell now, hodl!

But what HIVE has that no other cryptocurrency or blockchain does is...

Real use case combined with REAL community!

So the option for me is quite clear....Focus on the BUIDL!

Always be building. Because the time is coming in the very near future where:

  • Pretty much everything in online business will be on a blockchain

  • Crypto currency will become the preferred method of payment online

  • And the people that didn't embrace it and jump in now, will be left behind!

I've seen it happen over the decades....

Entrepreneurs refused to acknowledge the potential of social media...Now they don't even have a Twitter account!

But hey, I'm sure business and the world will stop until you 'get comfortable'....

Please don't be reactive...Be proactive and FOCUS on the buidl!

(Yes, I'm misspelling BUILD on purpose lol!)

Poke around, ask questions, use the dApps, join some communities, learn new skills...Just for the love of everything that is good, don't sit back and watch!

NOTE: Speaking of @djsl82 - He's the CTP Swarm beneficiary of this post! 25% of the author rewards will go to him for his amazing hustle and vision for bringing the blockchain to affiliate marketing!

Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain - The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!





Nice site @djsl82. Integrating the ctp tokens is a great move to support the swarm.


And there are some amazing merchants accepting CTP Token right now!

Great job Daniel (@djsl82 ).

I a looking forward to the day where I have enough CTP to make an online purchase. :)

Pretty cheap right now, a penny each ;)

congrats, @djsl82 :) Great post Jon

Thanks @jangle :)

Thanks Jangle!

Nice, @djsl82 is currently running a nice surfing competition with total prize money of 21000 CTP.

Not too shabby huh? That's been two amazing competitions with CTP Tokens as a prize these past few weeks :)

Great post as always and everything you wrote i see every day in this community.Great to be here...

Thanks for the support :) And glad to have you onboard!!

Wow thanks so much @jongolson for the mention and recognition.. and I know your 100% right. I've been a huge fan of the fire-pay integration ever since I first seen the payment option on another site. With CTP tokens the transaction is the most easiest ever. You don't even have to login etc. just enter username and click keychain and the system does the rest within about a 1 minute. Brilliant! When more and more admins start to see this in action and working I know more and more admins are going to make the shift. I love the CTP token and the potential is mind blowing. 🖖😁👍

Thanks man, yeah we need to do a better job of documentation...But ease of use was always job #1

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