Some Use Cases For Hive

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Don't Believe The FUD... Use Case Matters!.png

I made a bold statement on Twitter today...And I'm pretty sure everyone here will agree with it...



Crazy talk I know...

A ranking and listing service that focused on actual use case...

It's bad out there folks, there are thousands of crypto projects and some of them in the top 20 in market cap that have ZERO use case. All the promises in the world with nothing to back it up...

Thankfully, we're on HIVE and we've got things like this...


This slick little project from Hive Hustler founder @nulledgh0st has been rumbling for a few weeks now and today it launched.

There are plenty of shops out there that offer HIVE merchandise, and trust me, I've bought and supported from most of them...But Hive Swag is different because you can actually use HIVE and HBD for purchasing merchandise!

Yup, and I did just that today...


The process was...Flawless. I actually ended up using HBD for the purchase and the transaction went through in seconds. This is just a taste of what HIVE and HBD can do as a payment method and huge shout out to @roomservice for creating the script for this to work.

Just amazing...

Oh and of course, shameless self promotion for our own little 'plug in / script' for our very own CTP Token!

fire pay logo.png

This is a project we've been working on with the CTP Community and Tribe for months now and we've integrated the Fire Pay payment script into dozens upon dozens of affiliate marketing merchants and websites. And yup...You can buy their services using the CTP Token (and very soon HIVE as well...)


And this is just the beginning...

Yeah you see, I'm always blown away when the 'crypto experts' start raving about some poop coin that has zero use case...It's 2020, there is no excuse for these projects that have been out there for half a decade to not have a real world use case.

We have it here!

In so many ways, Hive is one of the most superior blockchains out there;

  • We have the users and it's growing every day
  • Onboarding is getting so much easier thanks to @hiveonboard
  • We've got the best dApps
  • The best communities
  • And real world use case for accepting these tokens as PAYMENTS...In 3 seconds!

Maybe I'm just being a fan boy....

Or maybe I think that if we judged and ranked blockchains on actual use case....We'd see Hive on the top of every list out there.

Keep building folks, it's going to get VERY exciting here!

Wanna learn more about affiliate marketing on the blockchain?

=> We've got some amazing solutions here!


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We love this! Excellent post @jongolson - appreciate the mention! It's truly amazing, the times we live in.

Also, we are behind you 110% in terms of USE CASE. So many other coins out there "exist" without any sort of real-world application for them.

If we want to onboard the masses, we have to make it easy and realistic. With what's going on in the Hive ecosystem, that's happening, and overall we are making strides towards the goal of mass adoption.

Keep calm, hive on!

Ease of use is so important. I hope more people that develop on the blockchain know that and put it into their game plans moving forward. The easier we make it, the more people will embrace it!

As took many months break, Now I got to learn all the new projects on HIVE.

Keep building folks, it's going to get VERY exciting here!

I certainly feel excited to be back and hive use-cases can only grow exponentially from now.

Will be in touch soon to catch up. Keep up the good work man 👨

Good to see people coming back!!

Happy to be back where I belong

You have no idea how happy people are to see you back man. I myself, am VERY excited to see what you will be tackling!

And yeah, anytime bro. I look forward to it, anything you need please let me know!

Always appreciate your positive energy dude

First Fireshopping!
Now Hiveshopping!?

I will really need intervention! lol

So many awesome things happening!

And I'm so glad to be part of this and watch everyone and everything around Hive grow :)

It's just getting started :)

Even though we've been able to actually use this stuff, the more it gets integrated into businesses and websites...Wow!

Jon, thanks for being you! Your enthusiasm and candor are most refreshing. And you are RELENTLESS! You are better than the Energizer Bunny! You just keep on going and going and going and going. I think you get the point! Much appreciated! Great pics of your family as well on that other social media site. ummm...... And I agree, our families are a blessing! FUN FRIDAY! WOO HOOOO. And in the united states it was National Donut Day!

He helps the chain for sure! I'm glad he is around.

Ha ha ha thanks man :)

Yeah the social media site that shall remain nameless lol

Appreciate that! Thanks very much :)

You bet Jon, you rock!

Your balance is below 0.3 HIVE. Your account is running low and should be replenished. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Long live useful blockchains!

ha ha ha ha Crazy talk right....Heaven forbid we actually have a chain we can use!!!

I love that I can use my hive to buy things. Amazing. Thanks for spreading the good word.

I love it. And I think we're just getting started with that...We almost forget how awesome the crypto is for use cases and those 3 second transaction times are brilliant!!


To the mooooooon!!!! 😀

Being new to Hive and this whole blockchain mentality, I am not yet as excited as you, Jon. I cannot fully see the magnitude of what we have here. I hope, as I actually start accumulating tokens and using them, that the future you see becomes more clear to me.

Oh I guarantee...When you 'get it' you'll understand. It's freedom and opportunity, all wrapped into one.

Firepay is epic and I’m sure that more will come. Sooner than we think.

We still in the really adaptor fase, but when that early majority starts to get interested... it should easily 10x everything. Probably more like 100x.

Until that time we build to get ready for the wave that is coming 😎

Agreed! This is so early to the game for us...People think 3 years is a long time, but it's tiny when you think of it. Yup, we're just getting started!

Good to see that CTP is added for payment.

100% agree on that :)

Yep total fan boy, but that's a good thing, no intervetion needed lol, lets use this stuff, and keep up your awesome work.

ha ha ha ha fan boys unite!

Appreciate you man, thanks!


Use-case is a trigger of the next "altcoin season"... And we are lucky to be on one of the most active blockchain communities with actual use cases!
Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy...

ha ha ha is that a Matrix reference? lol

I think so too. Markets make no sense at all, but people still drive community. That matters!

hahaha...yes, it is... I like that reference a lot... and a lot of others from the same movie... (nerd alert!) 🤣 🤣 🤣

And real world use case for accepting these tokens as PAYMENTS...In 3 seconds!

This is the amazing aspect that people fail to see with hive. With bitcoin you can't make easy online transactions because transactions are too slow and too costly. Hive is the perfect paiment solution. Your paiment goes through in 3 seconds and for 0 costs! We should just invent a lightwight app that can scan a code from a cash register and that would allow us to pay with one click. Then we would have a better solution than credit cards in offline shops!

0 fees and 3 seconds! Yeah man...It flies under the radar all the time here...We talk about dapps and onboarding, when our currency is superior.

Gradually the world of hive is taking the world by storm

Absolutely. One account at a time, it's happening!