Taking A Look At My 'CCD' Over The Past 30 Days...

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I wrote this post a few months ago where I had a dream of earning like 100 Hive per day from all my activities here on the blockchain...

I thought I would follow that up with what I've been absolutely infatuated with over the past few weeks thanks to the amazing stats provided to use from the @LeoFinance team at HiveStats.io

I'm calling this my CCD approach to my Hive journey.




Combining these 3 amazing features of the blockchain, allows us to take a single HIVE token and watching it grow over time. On top of all that, we are also getting a nice little chunk of change every year from the inflation model for our staked Hive...But let's take a look at how powerful this can be for everyone looking to boost their tokens here!

My Curation Journey

This has been something I knew about since day one of joining the blockchain, but really didn't 'get it' until recently. What can I say, I'm a slow learner LOL

But it's one of the more confusing aspects of Hive, especially for newer members to the community.

In a nutshell, I've been able to use a combination of auto voting from (Hive.Auto) as well as manual curation to attain a curation APR of around 11%. It dips and jumps but it seems to average around that.

The key for me has been to get those upvotes in around 4-5 minutes after the post has been made. Again, super complicated and I won't even try to explain how that all works...But using automatic and manual curation seems to work well for me.

And here's the kicker....


I've earned over 280 Hive in the past 30 days. Now I'm in accumulation mode for the next few years, so price doesn't really matter to me...But it's still 63 bucks from liking other people's stuff...


My Creation Journey

I expect this to me much more over the next few weeks, just because July was basically a write off for me.

But WOW!


This blows my mind...

I could sit there and post content every day all day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and make a big fat ZERO...But here on Hive, I'm building my brand, growing my business and earning over 94 dollars a month...From doing something I love to do, PLUS hel;ing others in the process.

Does it get any better than that....?

Yup lol

My Delegation Journey

Another aspect of the blockchain that has turn 1 Hive into many is delegating your Hive Power.

And the tool I love right now for doing that is DLease!

I've been pretty picky to who I delegate to using this platform but at the end of the day, I'm getting an awesome 14% APR on the Hive I've delegated out to members of the community!


9 Hive per day!

254 Hive a month!

Did I ever mention how much I love this blockchain?

The Take Away

Here's the scoop...

We talk about blockchains and crypto and Hive doesn't always become front page news. There are issues here that are being worked on and I guess that's what happens in a truly decentralized platform.

But look at these numbers!

And I'm just a small fry on the big scheme of things here. But my account is growing simply by doing the things I would be doing anyways to build my businesses...Imagine that, being paid from your passions...!

And then taking the tokens you are earning, and flipping them into more tokens...Day in and day out!

This is such an opportunity and when you set your mind into 'accumulation' and building for the long term, you get really excited by all these tokens coming into your wallet every day, week and month!

Folks...We REALLY have it great here!

Because I'm typed an entire article about how to earn on the blockchain...And barely touched on the inflation from staking OR the amazing tribes and the tokens that you can earn ON TOP of the Hive you are earning thanks to Hive-Engine...

Makes you really wonder...How Hive is not a top 10 crypto currency?

Blockchain...Meet Affiliate Marketing!

=> See the future of online business today!



Really enjoying the HIVE journey
Need to focus more on that 5 minute window :) I do some manual votes every day in that window, but need to work on it some more
I have been watching my daily growth and it is a joy to watch.

And I love supporting other members as much as I can

D lease was a breath of fresh air and have enjoyed some moderate returns from that.

its great to see posts that offer tips and tricks :) Thanks Jon

yeah that was the key for me, hitting that 4-5 minute window. Really helped my curation rewards.

Yeah that is the right strategy to Hive on, curation, creation and delegation :)

it's brilliant, i still can't believe something like this exists. feel like we have the best kept secret online.

I love these posts. I do some myself and love seeing how people can build a brand, community and account on hive. It's not easy and takes time but the more you grow , the easier it gets.

If we do hit $10 hive at some stage it is these accounts that could provide a full income never mind the business opportunities.

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oh no doubt man, and that's very exciting. Making a living off Hive would be the goal for so many here!

...and there is more! :)

You didn't calculate your tribe tokens rewards... I think that is in the separate place of hivestats...

Great results!

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


oh no doubt, that's a whole other post in itself LOL

This is only the beginning, after a while you can probably have a livable income if you just keep stacking.

that's the goal for sure. slowly but surely, growing the account and those around the tribe!

With dedication, determination and commitment, no dream is unachievable

facts! absolutely true!

Makes you really wonder...How Hive is not a top 10 crypto currency?

Let’s make it happen

We have all the potential in the world. Time for the rest of the crypto industry to wake up!!!

I really don't know how you can manage to curate in the 4-5 minute window. I feel like I am spinning so many plates right now there is no way I could do that. How is it even possible?

Thanks. I think I got it all set up right. I guess I'll have to keep a watch on the numbers to see if there is a significant change.

for sure, and then check https://www.hivestats.io from @leofinance too, that's how I judge and track my APR on curation.

When I look at your numbers, I believe that Hive can become a real income source for people. These numbers are quite serious and in a world hit by pandemia, this might be a possible alternative for many people.

It truly is...And I think if people invest their time into this place within a few years, we'll all be sitting pretty!

Great work Jon, and well done breaking down the numbers to see how you are doing, it's amazing what accumulation and compounding does over time, keep up the good work.

Oh man, it's insane. And then when things start to snowball, even more exciting!

Nice,very much close to 1000 Hive.

But I really thought what "CCD" meant before reading the post.

I'm a marketer...We come up acronyms for everything LOL

Interesting post, thank you for sharing.
Please explain to me how you earn money from delegation?
Thank you.


Basically loaning out your Hive Power and there is a set amount you agree to receive every day from the person requesting the delegation.

Oh ok it's an agreement between the person and you that you delegate too. Thank you for replying.

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